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Dieters and consumers are overrun with marketing claims and product pushes with little to no clinical backing. There is no doubt that the body needs vitamin and other nutrients to survive, but listing these common vitamins as a way to boost energy is nothing more than a sales push. StressTabs Energy offer no stimulants and no proven energy boosters. Under the Energy tab on the ingredient label there is glutamine, taurine and carnitine with some B vitamins and iron. The company does not bother to explain why or how these ingredients will increase energy, leaving the dieter to take StressTabs on their word or choose another supplement. Based on clinical trials, green tea and caffeine are more effective at increasing energy than any of the ingredients on this list and they cost less.

List of Ingredients

Cell Health: Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Energy: Taurine, Glutamine, Carnitine, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid and Iron.

Immune Strength: Vitamin C and Zinc.

Mental Focus: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Taurine, Glutamine and Carnitine.

Cardiovascular Health: Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Calcium and Taurine.

Product Features

The Food and Drug Administration does not evaluate supplements. If they did, the majority of supplements would be kicked off the weight loss and supplement market for false claims. Yes, vitamins are used by the body to produce energy. This is not a lie, but it is a stretch of the truth. It is like saying that oxygen improves cardiovascular health. We all know we need to breathe to keep out heart pumping, but we are not running out to purchase oxygen as a supplement.

By definition, every vitamin and ingredient in StressTabs Energy is included in the proper subcategory. These ingredients are used naturally by the body to facilitate energy, cardiovascular health and cellular health, but adding more of these vitamins in supplement form will not promote better health.

The only portion of StressTabs Energy worth the time is Immune Strength. Zinc and vitamin C are commonly supplemented to reduce the chance of catching the common cold or reduce the time it takes to recover from the common cold.

Dieters looking for an all-natural means of increasing energy would be better served with a cup of 69-cent coffee. Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine increases energy for up to 12 hours. This supplement is taken once a day and the vitamins in the supplement will be pushed out of the body in just a few hours.

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  • We easily found all the ingredients for StressTabs Energy.
  • Zinc and vitamin C support a healthy immune system.
  • The product is cheaper than some fat burners and energy supplements.


  • Will not increase energy.
  • Will not help the body recover from stress.
  • Contains no stimulants.
  • Contains no metabolism boosting ingredients.
  • Will not suppress hunger.


StressTabs is one of those companies that gives consumers the basic definition for a vitamin and tries to sell a supplement based on that definition. The company does not include clinical support proving that supplementation of the ingredients in StressTabs Energy actually increases energy. We are left with a list of ingredients commonly found in a multi-vitamin and an explanation that the ingredients will work – just try it. We suggest using a cup of coffee for energy or a proven fat burner with caffeine and green tea for weight loss support with energy.

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  • 1

    It makes me sleepy, I think because of the viramins of B Complex are nurturing my mieline vains of my nerves… I di not know
    It knock me down this morning for two hours
    Have ti leave my desk and go to my car and sleep


  • 2

    Contrary to what everyone says I been taking this stress tabs for a week and I feel great!! I started taking them because one day I felt my body was shutting down and HEB pharmacists recommend me stress tabs and it lets me sleep get up and I feel good and energetic! So I’m sorry it’s a good product for the value of the price it’s being sold at so I give stress tabs a big five!!!


  • 3

    Today is my second day taking these stresstabs and I can honestly say that I was completely exhausted. It did the exact opposite of what it is advertising. I am so dissapointed. The only reason you might be “stress free” for those couple hours is because either you fell asleep from it oryour just too tired to be sressed out. Don’t waste your money.


  • 4

    I beg to differ on the effects of stress tabs. I you do not get enough rest or nutrients in your daily life and are looking for a way to boost your bodies natural enery resources, I highly recommend stress tabs. Caffeine and sugar are energy enhancers that do not promote your body recovering energy of its own and when the effects of caffeine and sugar ware of it leaves you tired and feeling worse than you did before. I have a daughter who is 4 years old and still does not sleep through the night. Caffeine and sugar do nothing for me these days. The stress tabs give my body the extra nurishment it needs to get through my day with out major caffeine slumps.


  • 5

    started taking this new stresstab energy with sensoril. I used to take stresstab with iron until they changed the formula and added the sensoril which made me drowsy and fatigued to the point i was going to go to the doctor. I stoppped taking the strresstab energy and do not feel drowsy and fatigued anymore. i not recommend taking this products at all it should be taken off the market i wonder how many more people are going to their doctors unnecessarily while taking this product.



    I agree. Same symptoms for me.



    I have been taking it for a little over a wk. And it has made my stomach and body hurt. And feel even more sleepy than before I started them.


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