StressTabs High Potency B Complex Review

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StressTabs High Potency B Complex offers B vitamin support for increased energy. B vitamins are water-soluble so they are easily metabolized by the body and washed out during urination. Few of the B vitamins added to B complex vitamins are absorbed into the system. StressTabs High Potency B Complex adds a touch of zinc, which could promote a healthy immune system. During times of stress, the immune system can fall below normal increasing the risk of illness. Supplementing with zinc and vitamin C is a common natural remedy for the common cold. Vitamin C is also added to the supplement.

We found StressTabs High Potency B Complex for sale online for less than $10. This price may be different in local stores where StressTabs are sold.

List of Ingredients

B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

Product Features

There is nothing new about the ingredients in StressTabs High Potency B Complex with Zinc. The formula is nearly identical to multi-vitamins sold for improved daily health. The addition of antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E with zinc offers immune boosting properties, but again these ingredients are commonly found in every multi-vitamin on the market.

StressTabs are supposed to promote better health for people “burning the candle at both ends”, but we find no significant proof this supplement works better than other B complexes or multi-vitamins. StressTabs does not list an clinical trials proving the formula works better.

B vitamins are commonly added to dieting supplements as a source of quick energy. There are some dieters who need to supplement B vitamins, like patients recovering from gastric bypass surgery, but most dieters get all the B vitamins they need from food. The fast metabolizing of B vitamins means the companies have to stuff a lot of each vitamin into a formula, but the body only absorbs a small amount.

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  • A complete list of ingredients for StressTabs High Potency B Complex with Zinc is found online.
  • Dieters can choose to buy online or in stores.
  • Costs less than a fat burner or weight loss supplement.
  • May promote healthy immune function.
  • May reduce the time it takes to recover from the common cold.


  • Not designed to promote weight loss.
  • Will not increase energy levels substantially.
  • B vitamins last only a short time in the body.
  • Most oral B vitamins are minimally absorbed.
  • May cost more than the average multi-vitamin with the same ingredients.
  • No specific ingredients to fight stress.


StressTabs sells products based on the claim that formulas are created to reduce the effects of stress. Stress is hard on the body, but the ingredients in StressTabs High Potency B Complex are no different than ingredients used in the common multi-vitamin. The consumer or dieter will not see weight loss benefits and may not even feel the difference after taking the supplement. We suggest using relaxation techniques and choosing a less expensive multi-vitamin for optimal nutrition.

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