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What You Should Know

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Strictly Health offers supplements and products for weight loss and general health. The front page of the website displays the featured supplements, but categories are available for the dieter to narrow down the selection to weight loss dedicated products. Under the weight loss category there are 14 supplements. We tend to believe that having a long list of supplements means a company is trying to find one that works but offering many.

List of Ingredients

Vitamins and supplements for general health and weight loss.

Product Features

The list of weight loss supplements by Strictly Health starts with Carbo Rid. Carbo Rid is a carb blocker that claims to stop carbohydrates from being digested and transformed into fat. These supplements do not typically work as claimed. Cellumelt is a cleansing supplement packed with cascara sagrada, a laxative, and uva ursi, a diuretic. Melt RX is a fat burner but there are no ingredients listed for this product. Hoodia Pure is an appetite suppressant based on South African hoodia. This ingredient is not proven to curb appetite. Lipo Rid AM and PM are taken day and night to burn more fat. Night time fat burn is impossible as it takes calorie burn to burn fat. Pantosure is a fat burning supplement with vitamin B5, or Pantothenic acid. Multi-vitamins contain the same ingredients.

We could go through the entire list of supplements offered on Strictly Health, but that is not necessary. We did not find one supplement with any weight loss ingredients or testimonials to back up the claims made in the product description. There is a brief statement on the website about bowel movements being the base of good health. This could mean that many of the supplements offered by Strictly Health are created with cleansing ingredients.

The prices for supplements on Strictly Healthy vary. Weight loss supplements were priced between $20 and $60 on average.

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  • Some of the supplements have ingredients listed.
  • Products are affordable.


  • There is no way of knowing whether all ingredients are listed or not.
  • Some of the products are not useful for weight loss though they claim to be.
  • Dieters may be a bit taken aback by the long list of potential choices.


Strictly Health may be a cleansing website first and foremost. The statement about bowel movements lends us to believe that naturally cleansing is a priority for the products on Strictly Health and we even found weight loss supplements with cleansing ingredients. As for effective formulas, Strictly Health does not offer testimonials supporting any of the products listed on the website. Charging more than $50 for a fat burner and not having any support showing how well it works is just a bad business practice.

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