Strong And Sexy Full Body Workout Review

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Who ever said getting in shape has to be boring and tedious? Nowadays more and more workout and fitness DVDs are being released that encourage fun approaches to losing weight and getting fit. A lot just depends on what it is you enjoy, and how much weight you are striving to lose. In this review, we are scrutinizing the Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout, which is a DVD that can be viewed in the home, time and time again. This particular approach to weight loss is geared more toward women, and the DVD is sold conveniently online.

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Product Features

The Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout DVD is claimed to help women develop both inner and outer beauty. This workout program was developed by one Dr. Teri Jory, who is both a fitness and health life coach. This DVD incorporates body sculpting, cardio exercise, and Pilates, as well as emotional inspiration. Jory has actually helped clients on an international scale, and assists with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of physical fitness. The Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout in particular is geared toward intermediate and advanced workout levels. Unfortunately there is no money-back guarantee offered with this workout DVD.

The Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout DVD is actually separated into three different sections. While one section focuses on the upper body, another aids with the lower body, and the third assists with the core or middle portion of the body. This way the entire body can become tighter and fitter. In this DVD, Jory even throws in some martial arts workouts. However, there is no specific diet plan incorporated with the Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout. Nor are there any convenient supplement formulas that aid with weight loss.

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  • With the Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout, you work out your entire body.
  • This type of fitness program can be done at home, which is convenient.
  • This DVD helps women develop inner strength.


  • There are no convenient fat-burning supplements involved.
  • This DVD is really only suitable for women.
  • There is no mention of a diet plan with this workout DVD.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee or refund offered.


Picking and choosing a workout program to use in your home can take a little time. After all, you have plenty of fitness DVDs coming out each year. It is important to choose one that really suits your needs and goals. As for the Strong and Sexy Full Body Workout DVD, you should keep in mind that this product is really just for women. Also, there is no healthy diet plan incorporated, which may bother some individuals. As you likely know, there are other DVD workouts that do incorporate a diet plan for weight loss.

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