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Even though large gyms and fitness centers were all the rage back in the 1980s and 90s, they are gradually losing popularity, due to the various at-home fitness options. For instance, there are all kinds of programs and DVDs at your disposal now to assist you with dieting and weight reduction. In the long run, these options are much less expensive than a monthly health spa membership. This brings us to Strong Body, Ageless Body, which is a DVD. It features actress, Erin O’ Brien (a personal trainer with 15 years of experience), and sells for a retail price of $14.99. This fitness DVD was created back in 2007, and is 45 minutes in length.

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Product Features

Strong Body, Ageless Body is a health and fitness program that can be used in the home. More specifically, this DVD focuses on working out with weights in order to improve muscle strength. After all, the more lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories your body will burn to support it. Both proper form and technique for dumbbell exercises are emphasized in Strong Body, Ageless Body. This DVD provides you with a full-body workout that is claimed to make you stronger, more flexible, and leaner for years to come (provided you stick with it).

One major aspect of the Strong Body, Ageless Body DVD program is preserving youth. By strength training, you protect your body’s joints and bones. This program also endeavors to strengthen your back and heart. Strong Body, Ageless Body works out your legs, arms, and core. In addition, you will get your heart rate up, which is crucial for strengthening the heart muscle. The only equipment needed for this workout program are dumbbells. There is no specific diet plan involved with Strong Body, Ageless Body.

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  • This fitness program encourages strength building, which helps burn calories and build muscles.
  • This simple DVD program can easily be used in the home.
  • There is some positive feedback for Strong Body, Ageless Body on websites like Amazon.


  • There is no healthy diet plan mentioned with Strong Body, Ageless Body.
  • No convenient supplements are used to aid with fat loss.
  • There are so many similar DVD workouts on the market right now.
  • Some dieters may prefer a cardio workout as well (this is just strength training).


In the end, today there is a vast array of DVD programs available like Strong Body, Ageless Body. This may make it difficult for you to choose a specific one. Just so you know, this particular workout DVD appears to be geared toward women. Also, there is no healthy eating plan incorporated with Strong Body, Ageless Body. Be sure to keep this in mind when you go to choose a diet product.

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