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There are certain aspects of weight loss that should not be avoided. As you likely already know, these are adopting a healthier diet, and exercising regularly. These are two factors that should not be avoided. It has been proven that eating fewer calories and embracing some regular exercise can help you shed unwanted weight. This brings us to Strong Body, Fit Body, which is a DVD that can be used in the comfort of your own home. This fitness DVD features Erin O’ Brien, who is a personal trainer with 20 years of expertise.

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Strong Body, Fit Body is an exercise DVD that can be acquired online for $16.99. It is 46 minutes in length, and was released in December of 2010. Erin O’ Brien, the fitness trainer in this DVD, has several certifications that pertain to numerous fitness disciplines. Just so you are aware, you will need light hand weights in order to engage in the exercises on this workout DVD. Unlike some weight reduction programs or methods, there are no supplement formulas needed for Strong Body, Fit Body.

The Strong Body, Fit Body DVD encourages a full body workout. The main purpose of this fitness program is to help you get in shape and stay in shape. This means adopting this workout routine from here on out. After all, if you stop exercising, your body will likely return to its previous condition. Strong Body, Fit Body helps you build lean muscle mass through simple weight training exercises. More specifically, this program incorporates a circuit training approach, as well as multi-joint movements. This way several muscles groups are worked at the same time. However, cardio exercise is combined with the strength training in order to give you a well-rounded workout. This exercise routine aims to get your heart rate up, build your muscles, and boost your metabolism.

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  • This workout DVD encourages regular exercise.
  • Strong Body, Fit Body focuses on building lean muscles, which helps burn calories faster.
  • There are some testimonials for this DVD on sites like Amazon.


  • There is no healthy diet plan involved with this DVD.
  • Strong Body, Fit Body is geared more toward women.
  • Some dieters may not like doing the same workout over and over.
  • There are no supplements incorporated to help with fat burning.


Needless to say, there are oodles of workout DVDs at your disposal today. It seems to be the new trend to incorporate both strength training and cardio exercise into one quick workout. This is clearly what was done with Strong Body, Fit Body. Embracing this workout on a regular basis should be able to assist you with getting fitter and losing some weight. However, it is disappointing that no diet plan is incorporated to aid with weight loss and overall health.

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