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STS Nutrition is a supplement company producing fat burners, natural supplements and bodybuilding supplements. They have several carnitine supplements including Carnitine 500. There is clinical evidence that Carnitine may increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat, but the effect on weight is negligible and may require exercise and weight lifting to be most effective. The average dieter cannot take Carnitine 500 and reduce weight or change body composition without some form of exercise.

Red meat is the most common source of carnitine. If a dieter has chosen a low calorie diet, red meat may be replaced with chicken, fish and other lean meats. These meats have carnitine, but not in the concentration of red meats. Dieters who combine an active exercise program with a reduced red meat diet may benefit from supplementation. With an increase in lean muscle and decrease in fat, weight will not change but body composition will change.

STS lists all ingredient in supplements sold from the official website. We did not find any testimonials from supplement users. Free trials are not sent out from STS. Carnitine 500 is sold for $31.99 on the official website. If a bodybuilder is looking for a carnitine supplement, they should first look at the ingredient list on other supplements they are taking. Carnitine 500 may be a repeat of some of the formula ingredients in bodybuilding supplements.

List of Ingredients

500 mg L-Carnitine.

Product Features

The clinical studies we found were not listed on the STS website. Carnitine is often used to treat kidney disease and heart disorders. In elderly patients, carnitine may improve metabolism resulting in weight loss due to a natural deficiency over time.

Bodybuilders may also require additional carnitine supplementation. The problem with the STS Carnitine 500 supplement is the fact that carnitine is included in so many supplements geared toward bodybuilders that the bodybuilder is probably taking more than enough carnitine before taking Carnitine 500.

The price of Carnitine 500 is comparable with bodybuilding supplements in general. As a standalone supplement, Carnitine 500 is priced higher than other carnitine products.

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  • List of ingredients is offered by STS Nutrition.
  • Carnitine 500 may improve metabolism in the elderly.
  • There are studies backing claims of increased weight loss.


  • Not every dieter needs supplementation like Carnitine 500.
  • The price is higher than other standalone supplements.
  • No fat burning potential.
  • Will not curb appetite.


For the $32 spent on Carnitine 500, dieters could buy lots of caffeine and green tea. These ingredients are proven to have fat burning capabilities. Chromium is another inexpensive supplement that can be purchased for less than $32. Testimonials would benefit Carnitine 500, but they are lacking from the website.

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