STS Carnitine Juice Review

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What You Should Know

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STS Carnitine Juice is a liquid L-Carnitine supplement. L-Carnitine is created, as needed, in the human body from lysine and methionine. L-Carnitine is a transport for fatty acids, which aids in breaking down fats and converting fats to energy. Weight loss supplement manufacturers include this ingredient for just this reason, but does the average dieter need more L-Carnitine than the body can produce?

STS Carnitine Juice offers a complete list of ingredients online. Ordering is supported by the manufacturer so users can feel comfortable ordering without worrying about the product being authentic. STS is not known for offering free trials, but consumers can use contact information to ask for a free trial. Testimonials are not available to proven STS’s claims of bodybuilding and weight lifting support.

List of Ingredients

Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium Pantothenate) and L-Carnitine.

Product Features

There are several known uses for STS Carnitine Juice, including use as an antioxidant and bone mass support. Clinically, L-Carnitine has been used to treat heart illnesses, diabetes, kidney disease and male fertility.

In terms of weight loss, STS Carnitine Juice could increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat. This plus and minus effect leaves the scale on the same number, but body composition has changed. Fat weighs less than muscle, so the dieter can lose more fat and gain less muscle and they will weigh the same amount. Clinical studies are available to support this claim. We also found reference to a study, not on the STS website that supports L-Carnitine use for increased metabolism and brain function in elderly patients.

Up to 200 mg of Carnitine is consumed in an average diet. When dieters reduce caloric intake, they may cut out red meat, where the most concentrated source of carnitine exists. This could mean supplementation could have some benefit, but STS Carnitine Juice is not going to boost metabolism and promote fat burn the way a proven fat burner does.

STS sells STS Carnitine Juice for $16.59. This price is lower than other L-Carnitine supplements, but bodybuilders and athletes may already be taking a supplement that includes L-Carnitine so addition supplementation would be a waste of money.

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  • STS publishes a complete ingredient list.
  • Clinical studies proven L-Carnitine promotes lean muscle growth and fat loss, in some cases.
  • May be effective for treatment of some diseases.


  • The average dieter may or may not need L-Carnitine supplementation.


In terms of fat burning and weight loss, STS Carnitine Juice is not the most effective supplement. The demographic the supplement is aimed at supporting is probably already taking a supplement with L-Carnitine making this supplement redundant. We suggest using proven ingredients in a supplement that is backed with testimonials from dieters.

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