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STS D-Ribose is marketed as a sugar that converts to ATP for increased muscle endurance and energy. There are clinical studies on both sides of the debate. Some studies find this claim to be true while other find no increased energy production. There are no links to any clinical studies on the official STS website. Visitors will find claims about the STS D-Ribose supplement but no image of the product supplement facts. STS usually includes an image with ingredients, but they have left this out of the product description in this case. D-Ribose is essentially a sugar that is added to drinks in powdered form.

List of Ingredients

No ingredient list found. We assume D-Ribose Anhydrous.

Product Features

D-Ribose can be taken orally or given intravenously in the hospital. It is commonly used to slow blood flow and improve heart efficiency in people with heart disease. The intravenous solution may also be administered during diagnostic testing for heart damage. Other potential uses for D-Ribose include being used to prevent side effects after exercise due to certain diseases processes.

As an energy supplement for athletes, there are more outrageous claims than clinical data to back up those claims. According to a trusted medical website, D-Ribose has not been proven effective for use by athletes, but there are proven side effects associated with the supplement, including diarrhea and stomach problems.

Patients with diabetes or lower than normal blood sugar should not take D-Ribose. The supplement has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels which could interfere with prescription diabetes medications that have the same effect. If D-Ribose does lower blood sugar, it could help fend off hunger associated with high carbohydrate intake.

SS D-Ribose sells for $27.49. With the lack of information about the product on the website and no free trial, we are not convinced dieters should pay this price for a supplement that may have no effect on weight loss or energy.

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  • D-Ribose may lower blood glucose levels.
  • The product can be ordered from the STS website.


  • Diabetics should not take D-Ribose.
  • No proven effects on energy during or after exercise.
  • Claims are not supported with clinical data.
  • No free trial of the supplement.
  • No list of ingredients offered by STS.


Paying nearly $28 for a supplement that will not likely affect energy or appetite is not a smart idea for dieters. There are proven weight loss ingredients that may cost a bit more, but will positively affect weight loss efforts. Our favorite ingredients include chromium, green tea and caffeine. When these ingredients are taken, they work synergistically to increase metabolism and decrease hunger – two of the most important things for dieters wishing to lose more weight.

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