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STS Nutrition is typically great about providing product labels for supplements. In the case of Extreme Cordyceps, there is no product label. We can assume Cordyceps is the main ingredient, but there could be other ingredients in the formula. Extreme Cordyceps is sold online, but no free trials or testimonials are available for the product from the STS website.

List of Ingredients

Cordyceps (No Product Label).

Product Features

Cordyceps is a fungus commonly used in alternative medicine. There is reference to the fungus having anti-cancer properties, though this claim is not supported with clinical research. Other common uses for Cordyceps include liver protection, anti-depressant and insulin resistance. Most of the studies on Cordyceps have been completed on mice and rats.

Many Cordyceps supplements, like STS Extreme Cordyceps, are marketed for increase energy and athletic performance based on one claim by Chinese athletes. Supposedly, athletes in China taking a Cordyceps supplement broke several world records. The increased athletic performance was attributed to the fungus, though no scientific research could be found to support these claims.

Another problem with Cordyceps is the overall cost. In Nepal, one of the countries where Cordyceps is grown and harvested, one ounce of the fungus sells for more than $900. If Cordyceps is so expensive, the cost of supplementation would be huge. STS Extreme Cordyceps sells for $21.99. Each bottle contains 60 capsules with 625 mg of Cordyceps. There is no product label for this supplement, so we have no idea how many ounces it takes to make one bottle.

The outrageous price may push dieters to believe the product is effective for energy and weight loss, but clinical trials are not listed to support these claims.

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  • Priced lower than comparable supplements.


  • Cordyceps is an expensive ingredient.
  • STS Nutrition does not list the source of ingredients.
  • No product label is published for dieters to view.
  • Testimonials are not provided for the supplement.
  • Cordyceps will not increase fat burn or weight loss.


We are open to new ideas and new supplements, but there are far too many supplements out there claiming to be one thing and providing something completely different. Extreme Cordyceps by STS may or may not include the expensive ingredient Cordyceps. Without a product label, we have no idea what is included in the supplement or if the supplement contains enough Cordyceps to be effective.

We suggest trusting a supplement company that offers three things: a complete ingredient list, clinical studies to back weight loss claims and a free trial. STS Nutrition offers none of these for the dieter. Instead of trusting a supplement without any information on the ingredients, we believe dieters should look into other sources of proven ingredients.

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