STS Red Heat Juice Review

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What You Should Know

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Red Heat Juice by STS Nutrition claims to increase circulation for a workout. Circulation is important when taking other bodybuilding supplements like creatine for muscle gains. We know there are B vitamins in the supplement from the product description, but B vitamins are not responsible for circulation. STS Nutrition provides a complete list of ingredients, online order and contact information. There are no free trials or testimonials.

List of Ingredients

Niacin, Vitamin B12, Eleuthero Root, Water, Fructose, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate.

Product Features

Niacin will cause the users to feel flush, like a hot flash. This does not mean circulation is increasing, though that may be the feeling the user gets from the flushing. Vitamin B12 may increase energy for a short while, but B vitamins like Niacin and B12 are quickly flushed out of the body after all requirements for the vitamin are met.

Eleuthero Root is a form of ginseng. Many manufacturers claim Eleuthero root will increase physical performance, energy and mental capabilities. These claims are not proven in any medical literature and no links to clinical studies are provided by STS Nutrition for Red Heat Juice. There is also mention in some literature that Eleuthero Root may reduce blood pressure. If it reduces blood pressure, blood will flow more slowly not faster.

Red Heat Juice from STS Nutrition sells for$9.99.

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  • Ingredients are listed for Red Heat Juice on the STS Nutrition website.
  • Consumers can order products from STS Nutrition, directly.
  • Contact information is provided if consumers have questions about a product or order.
  • A complete description is offered for Red Heat Juice.


  • Niacin may cause flushing or hot flashes.
  • Vitamin B12 will last only a short while in the body.
  • Eleuthero root should not be taken by people on prescription blood pressure medication.
  • May cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.


The price of Red Heat Juice s far lower than other natural supplements for weight loss or bodybuilding. In this case, that does not mean the consumer is getting a better deal. Niacin and Vitamin B12 are not going to increase circulation. Eleuthero root does not have an effect on circulation, either. Without links to support the claims or testimonials from consumers who have ordered the product, we are unsure where these claims come from.

Dieters will not receive any benefit from this supplement. Proven ingredients to look for in a weight loss product include green tea, chromium and caffeine. When these ingredients are taken together, heart rate increases and so does circulation, so this proven weight loss combination may be a better choice for improving circulation and losing weight. It is also important to look for free trials and testimonials.

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