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STS Vivadrein is marketed as an herbal energy supplement. The ingredient list offers one proven ingredient with a caffeine base. Another stimulant ingredient ups the total caffeine to more than 150 mg per serving. This could be too much caffeine for some dieters. Excessive caffeine intake may cause side effects and caffeine dependence. There are no free trials offered for STS Vivadrein and no testimonials are published on the website. STS does offer online ordering and customer service for buyers and potential buyers.

List of Ingredients

Taurine, Yerba Mate, Guarana and Green Tea.

Product Features

The three most important ingredients in STS Vivadrein are Yerba Mate, Guarana and Green Tea. Yerba Mate is a stimulant that contains caffeine. There is no specific amount of caffeine listed next to the ingredient, but we know it will have stimulating effects in addition to the Guarana and Green Tea.

Guarana is another stimulant. According to the product label, the amount of Guarana in STS Vivadrein supplies 90 mg of caffeine per serving. This may not seem like much, but there are two other stimulants also included in the supplement that supply caffeine or caffeine-like effects.

Green Tea is a proven weight loss ingredient. At 125 mg, there is less green tea than is proven effective, but we do not think STS is included the green tea for its fat burning potential. This amount of green tea supplies an additional 62 mg of caffeine to the formula. That makes the total caffeine impact 153 mg without the impact of Yerba Mate.

STS markets this product as an energy supplement, so the ingredient list supports this claim, but there could be too much stimulation for the average dieter. We would like to see an appetite suppressant in the supplement even if it is only an energy supplement. The stimulation will increase hunger which could cause the user to gain weight if they take it without an appetite suppressant.

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  • Caffeine may increase metabolism enough to burn fat.
  • The product is sold through the official website.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Green tea is a proven metabolism booster and antioxidant.


  • Two strong stimulants are included in the supplement.
  • No appetite suppressant is included so hunger could be a problem.
  • No free trial offer.


STS Vivadrein is an energy supplement that may cause negative stimulant side effects like jitters, nausea and hypertension (high blood pressure). People with heart problems should not take this supplement without prior approval from a doctor. The strong stimulants may cause increased hunger which would leave the dieter facing even less chance of losing weight. The cost is less than most fat burners, but STS Vivadrein is more expensive then energy supplements. We believe a dieter would see better results from taking a supplement made for weight loss and not energy.

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