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Suavva is an anti-oxidant product that contains cacao juice. According to the product description, it takes dozens of cacao fruits to extract just one quart of juice. This means the product is going to be more expensive than the energy drinks the product claims to replace. There are various Suavva products on the website, including Original Smoothie, Orange Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Chocolate Smoothie and White Cacao Sorbet.

List of Ingredients


  • No ingredients are listed.

Product Features

We were unable to find a list of ingredients for Suavva products, but we did find some interesting reviews for the smoothies. According to these reviews from experts in the beverage market, Suavva is not ready or market. The labeling system is faulty as it reads 1.25 servings per bottle to keep the calorie total below 100 calories. In reality, each bottle contains 110 calories. The cost is outrageous at $20 for six bottles making each bottle cost more than $3. There is also the issue with cacao juice. No one in the diet industry knows what cacao juice is and Suavva doesn’t do a good job of explaining the juice or supporting claims of high antioxidant levels with clinical research.

As for weight loss – Suavva is not a product we would suggest. At 110 calories per bottle, the dieter gets a boost of vitamin C and antioxidants. Drinking lots of green tea accounts for 0 calories and that orange at the grocery store contains tons of vitamin C. Together, green tea and oranges are much less expensive than Suavva and green tea is proven to boost metabolism.

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  • We like the Suavva website though it appears a bit cluttered despite lacking detailed product information.


  • No ingredient list is available to the consumer.
  • The price of one bottle of Suavva is far more expensive than necessary.
  • No one knows about cacao juice and that means they will not be willing to pay high dollar.
  • The product labeling fools consumers into thinking one serving is less than 100 calories.
  • Apple juice is added to several of the products.


Cacao juice is expensive and it takes 25 fruits to produce one quart of cacao juice. This is likely the reason each bottle of Suavva is so expensive. Dieters need to be shown just how wonderful cacao juice is for the body before they are willing to fork out $3 a bottle. Claims of replacing energy drinks with Suavva are useless because there is no information convincing dieters that cacao juice or Suavva boosts energy.

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    My bottle says 510-709-63510G56830 MLK And 1.3 servings, 115 calories per serving, ingrediant are clear, very high amounts of C, E, A, D, B’s 1,6,9, and magnesium from a 10.5 oz. Bottle, all natural, and… it tastes great!