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According to Suddenly Slender, their wraps will provide a slimming figure and trimmer silhouette after just one visit. Licensed Suddenly Slender wrap suppliers offer different types of wraps that include: The Slender Tone Wrap, The Lipase Wrap, Anti-aging Wrap, Power Wrap, Body Lift and Dream Body. All wraps are the mastermind of the inventor, Victoria Morton, who developed the wraps in 1969 to help her resolve her weight and water retention issues.

The wrap experience takes approximately two hours and involves a consultation, wrap (mummy style) and exercise. A trained technician applies cotton bandages that have been soaked in the special slimming mineral water solution. The application of the bandages is meant to “reduce, lift and tone areas of the body”. Once arms, legs, torso and chest are completely covered, the user is then “basted” with the mineral solution every 20 minutes. To enhance the effect of the wraps, two additives can be applied during the bandaging and basting process: the Iodine/Kelp Additive or the Flat Tummy Additive.

After bandaging and basting, the client is covered in a plastic poncho and permitted to do some light exercising. Suddenly Slender touts that exercise is not done to increase heat or sweating, but helps promote circulation to rid the body of toxins in exchange for clean, energized minerals provided by the wrap and solution.

List of Ingredients

Each wrap involves a liquid that the company refers to as a mineral solution. The list of ingredients in the solution is not revealed.

Product Features

The action of the wraps is enhanced by the use of Digital Sound Wave Technology (DSWT), which delivers vitamins, minerals and enzymes to the person being wrapped using digital sound waves rather than through direct application of the product to the skin. Suddenly Slender uses DSWT to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Supplements can be added to any wrap. The Atomic Iodine/Kelp additive is meant to help maintain energy levels, provide better skin tone and promote relaxation. The other supplement is the Flat Tummy Additive, which is added to improve the body’s ability to metabolize sugar and prevent it from laying down tummy fat.

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  • Used by men and women.
  • Immediate results are seen and wrap technicians take before and after measurements.
  • Results are long lasting.
  • No strenuous exercising or programs are required.


  • Available from licensed spa owners only.
  • May require follow up ‘maintenance’ wraps, usually one or two wraps every 6 weeks.
  • Wraps can be expensive, $150 per wrap, but may offer discount if multiple sessions are booked.
  • Some wraps require people to remain standing for the full 60 minutes.


Suddenly Slender offers body wraps that guarantee the person will lose inches almost immediately without doing any work. Some people had excellent results and lost a total of ten inches after one visit. As a quick fix to fit in a slinky dress, Suddenly Slender may fit the bill. However, for long lasting weight loss, body wraps such as Suddenly Slender will not replace a balanced diet and exercise for healthy weight loss.

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