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Suddenly Slimmer is the name of a chain of day spas originally based in Los Angeles, California, with its main specialty being body wraps. Suddenly Slimmer claim that these wraps will make you slimmer in under an hour. They offer numerous types of wraps, including The Fat Burning Body Wraps, The Anti-Aging Body Wraps, and the MSM Body Wrap. They claim these wraps can remove up to 20 inches (!) from your body in 60 minutes.

Suddenly Slimmer first gained notoriety when this anti-aging procedure was featured on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show in the late 90′s. 10 years later, this slimming spa is still very popular in the western United States and is frequented by thousands of clients every month. It’s hard to ignore a spa that claims you can lose between 6 to 20 inches within an hour, and the crowd does not lie. People who need a quick fix consider this spa their Mecca, but others think this might be too good to be true, despite its popularity. Suddenly Slimmer claims these wraps are scientifically backed and that they use the latest science.


Since this is a day spa, there are no ingredients to list.

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Suddenly Slimmer bases its science on the body’s oncitic pressure, otherwise known as internal cell pressure. By balancing a body’s oncitic pressure, they claim that this supplement makes skin more taut and compact, eliminating inches from your body. This is based on legitimate science, but not to the extent they claim. All of their body wrap procedures are conducted using FDA approved ingredients and medically backed procedures, which is comforting.

Numerous clients report that although Suddenly Slimmer does deliver with results, it is not as quick as they claim. Most clients report experiencing reduction in inches if continued for three or more sessions, which also puts them well over the 60-minute limit. Clients must also continue the treatment to keep the results. These procedures can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars, which might be too expensive for some people. The allure of losing extra inches without exercise continues to attract thousands of interested customers each month, however, which is probably what attracts most of Suddenly Slimmer’s customers.

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  • You have to do nothing in order to prepare for this procedure. Simply sit for an hour while the wrap is applied.
  • Many people claim Suddenly Slimmer has taken inches from their body, although the results are not as quick as Suddenly Slimmer claims.
  • All ingredients used in their body wrapping procedures is FDA approved.


  • Suddenly Slimmer will not make you lose any weight – they only claim to tighten the skin for a visually thinner appearance.
  • Suddenly Slimmer’s procedures are moderately expensive, and can quickly add up according to testimonials.
  • This is a quick fix procedure and does not claim to offer permanent results.
  • There are only a select number of Suddenly Slimmer Spas in the United States, mostly located in Los Angeles, California.


Suddenly Slimmer might not be a solution for dieters who want permanent, lasting results, but those who need a quick fix before a big event will find this treatment useful. Although results vary from person to person, it is worth a look, even if the price might deter some people. The only concern here are the results, which sometimes are not drastic enough to justify the price. Also, with a very limited number of Suddenly Slimmer spas open, it could be hard to find one convenient to you and get an appointment.

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