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Sue Fleming is the mastermind behind the Buff Fitness® workouts that lead to her TV success with Buff Brides, and to the Buff DVD workouts that are based on her book series, Buff Brides, Buff Moms and Fashionably Buff. More than a DVD workout, the exercise regime offers insight into developing a strong physique and how to maintain your body as well as the self-esteem to go with it.

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Each DVD offers a 40 minute workout and a specialty section to target hard to tone areas. For example, the Buff Bride workout has three targeted areas: cardio and lower body sculpting, back and arms and abdominal and hips. The DVD package comes with a Buff Resistance Band to help tone muscles. These exercises will help tone and develop brides who are choosing to show off their backs with a strapless or sleeveless gown.

The Buff Moms-to-Be is designed to provide workouts to pregnant women who want to maintain their fitness. This workout has been designed to provide stretching and core exercises and low impact cardio to teach moms to be strong and fit in preparation for birth. Floor exercises offer a total body workout to improve overall fitness and strength. The Buff Moms – Beyond Baby workout offers new moms a fitness regime to help shed the baby fat. Cardio and toning exercises provide calorie burning drills and strengthening exercises to remove any unwanted weight.

The above workouts are also available in book format and offer easy to follow step by step instructions. Fashionably Buff, available in book only, offers workouts designed for the clothes that users would like to wear. Want to wear tank tops, then chose the arm workout. If jeans are the wardrobe choice, then pick the buttocks workout.

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  • Purchase online.
  • Simple to follow and tailored to specific use.
  • One time purchase and does not require gym membership or fancy equipment.
  • No “up sell” to purchase other equipment, supplements or memberships.
  • Everyone can participate.


  • No accountability and users must be self-motivated.
  • No online support.
  • Can become repetitive.


The Buff Body series is a fun and instructional way to get in shape and stay in shape. Each book and DVD has specific exercises targeted at a specific group of women and provides a toning and strengthening workout. The exercises last approximately 40 minutes and are considered to be a fitness plan rather than a weight loss tool. If improved fitness is the goal, then consider purchasing one of the Buff programs. If weight loss is the goal then consider investigating products that will promote weight loss more than fitness.

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