Sugar Busters- Cut Sugar To Trim Fat Review

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If you are searching all over for the right diet or weight loss book, you will not have any trouble finding one. However, sorting through the masses of books can be a little difficult. It is certainly helpful if you can find one that really suits your needs and weight loss goals. This review was created to help you better understand the text, Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat. This is a book that was written by four different specialists. These individuals are H. Leighton Steward, Morrison Bethea M.D., Sam Andrews M.D., and Luis Balart M.D.

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Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat is a 270-page text that was originally published in April of 1998. It was a hit and sold 100,000 copies. To be more specific, this book provides you with a diet plan that helps you cut out sugar. According to the authors, sugar is responsible for problems like depression, weight gain, and even impaired immune function. Some foods that are noted for having “hidden sugars” are beets, pasta, carrots, white breads, and even common fruits. One primary problem with weight gain in America today is that people consume far too much sugar on a regular basis, and since it does not get burned off, it gets stored as body fat.

Other health problems addressed in the Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat book are heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Some foods that are forbidden on this diet plan are potatoes, pasta, white breads, and sugary treats. However, traditionally fatty foods like red meat, butter, and eggs are okay to eat. Basically when less sugar and simple carbohydrates are consumed, the body will store less fat. This enables dieters to shed some unwanted pounds. There are many customer reviews for this text on websites like Amazon.

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  • This diet encourages less sugar in your diet, which is commonly healthy.
  • It is easy to find this book through online dealers and in bookstores.
  • This text encourages some healthy diet changes.


  • Some dieters may not like cutting certain foods out in order to avoid sugar.
  • Some of the foods that are encouraged on this diet are unhealthy.
  • There are various other weight loss books with similar messages.
  • Some of the foods that are ruled out in this diet, are actually healthy.


All in all, the Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat book provides dieters with a fairly healthy approach to weight loss. It is true that many Americans consume too many simple carbohydrates daily, which does contribute to weight gain. However, some sugar in your diet is fine, and it is not wise to rule out foods like carrots and beets. Therefore the Sugar Busters: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat diet may not be suitable for everyone.

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