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Sugar Busters! Is a book that first hit the shelves in 1995. The book became a major hit despite the fact that there was little marketing involved. In 1998, it was picked up by a major publisher and continues to be a big hit. It doesn’t seem to be a very healthy approach to weight loss, but never the less, we’ll take a closer look. At the time of this review, the main sugar busters website was down.

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Sugar Busters! Takes the approach that in order to trim the fat, you need to cut the sugar. There is an extensive list of prohibited foods based on the sugar content of the food. Any refined sugar is out, and this is included in many of the foods on the shelves today.

Here is a small list of foods that are prohibited on the Sugar Busters diet:

  • Sugar sweetened sodas
  • White bread, or anything that contains white flour.
  • Pasta, unless it is whole grain.
  • Potatoes and potato chips
  • Corn and corn chips.
  • syrups, jellies, and honey.

Here are some foods you can have:

  • Anything that says WHOLE wheat or WHOLE grain.
  • Lean meats.
  • Fish and seafood that are not breaded.
  • Artificial sweeteners.
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and nut butters.
  • Other foods may be eaten in moderation such as: 100% fruit juices, butter, cream, regular cheeses, any clear sodas or artificially sweetened drinks, and sugar free ice cream.

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    • The Sugar Busters Diet is very simple.
    • The Sugar Busters Diet is high in fiber and low in saturated fat.


    • The Sugar Busters diet is too heavily reliant on the glycemic index.
    • There is no way to adjust the program to individual needs and tastes.
    • There is a book many people should read.
    • The Sugar Busters Diet is fairly restrictive and some may have a hard time making those lifestyle changes.


    The diet will help you lose weight, but that is just because anyone who cuts out all of that sugar will lose weight. From what we have read, the average caloric intake for anyone doing the Sugar Busters diet was 1200 calories per day. At this rate, anyone will lose weight. Those who watch their carbohydrates will likely have more energy and less food cravings, but for the first few days on this diet, you will likely feel intense cravings. The fact that the diet is not customizable will make it hard for most people. At any rate, any diet should be balanced and include a healthy exercise routine with plenty of water for weight loss, and healthy weight loss, to occur.

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