Summer Weight Loss Tips

Summer Weight Loss

Slimming Down for Summer

There are three or four months of the year when having the best body imaginable is most important – the summer months. Summer weight loss is important to both men and women, but how they approach that weight loss may be completely different. Men tend to have more muscle mass and a quicker metabolism, so losing weight seems simple. Women, however, have fewer pounds of muscle and a slower metabolism thanks to Mother Nature.

Choosing from the many summer weight loss programs means researching each and determining which will provide you with the best benefit and the fastest long term weight loss. Most often, summer weight loss plans include reduced calorie eating plans, increased exercise and a proven fat burner to complete the circle of optimal weight reduction. While this plan may seem simple, there are a few common bumps in the road you may have to deal with along the way.

Fighting the Urge to Eat

Weight loss for summer weighs heavily on basal metabolism rate, resting metabolism, calorie intake and calorie burn. Basal metabolic rate is the average number of calories the body burns completely necessary functions in a 24-hour period. Breathing, blinking, walking and organ processes all require energy. That energy is gathered from the foods we eat and beverages we drink. In most cases, weight gain occurs when too many calories are taken in and not enough burned. Lack of exercise can actually reduce basal metabolic rate, so exercise is the cornerstone of any summer weight loss plan.

Finding the Time to Exercise the Right Way

Recent studies have shown that exercising with interval training provides a greater result in terms of weight loss and fitness than spending hours on the treadmill. Interval training involves 20 minutes on any cardio machine alternating intensity between fast paced and average paced movements. For instance, on a treadmill running for one minute and alternating with one minute of walking for 20 minutes is more effective for summer weight loss than walking for one hour or more, plus it takes less time to complete.

Weight training is also an integral part of your summer weight loss plan. Losing weight is one thing, but plumping the muscles under the skin a bit will counteract the sagging look often associated with weight loss. No one wants to hit the beach with extra skin flapping in the wind, so get out there and spend two to three days a week working on core muscles, arms and legs to tighten up while losing weight.

Dieting Does Not Mean Starving

Both men and women can make the mistake of reducing calorie totals so far that the body kicks into starvation mode. Starvation mode is the body’s way of protecting itself during times of famine. This built-in natural reaction to very low calorie diets can be the first step toward summer weight loss failure. If the body feels food consumption is too low, every extra calorie will be stored as fat, just in case. Men tend to store body fat on the abdomen and women all over the body. During the winter this is not a problem as sweaters, sweatshirts and heavy clothing can hide those few extra pounds, but during the summer there is nothing but sunshine and skin – so eat the proper amount of calories to keep the body out of starvation mode and in fat burning mode.

The proper amount of calories to intake will differ from one person to the next, but a general average for women is 1200 calories and men 1500 to 1800 calories. Men tend to burn more calories at rest due to increased muscle mass so they get to eat more food than women do. Most often, summer weight loss programs will allow dieters to eat the calories burned every day in order to balance out weight loss. So, if 400 calories were burned in that spinning class, make sure to eat a healthy snack after leaving the gym.

Getting a Little Extra Boost From Fat Burners

Fat burners have come a long way, baby! In the past, fat burners were nothing more than stimulants rolled into a tablet or capsule form. These supplements often left the dieter feeling jittery and wired all the time. Summer weight loss depends on balancing the stimulation effect of fat burners and allowing the body to slow down enough to get six to eight hours of sleep a night.

New fat burners contain ingredients that are clinically proven to increase metabolism, or calorie burn, without the use of multiple stimulants. Ingredients like green tea are perfect for summer weight loss programs. When choosing a fat burner, look for a complete list of ingredients on the official website and customer service contact information in case you have a question while taking the supplement. Free trials are also a great idea when choosing a new fat burner.

Men often choose a fat burner and muscle building supplement to take together – called stacking. This can be very effective for the summer weight loss plan, but he needs to make sure the muscle-building supplement is not high in calories and does not contain stimulants that may cause problems when taken with a fat burner. One safe muscle-building supplement is protein. Drinking a lean protein shake with your fat burner before a workout may help stimulate muscles for quicker growth. After the workout, try adding a bit of carbohydrate powder to the protein shake. Carbohydrates are essential for moving protein into the muscle for faster recovery between workouts.

Summer Weight Loss Tips

From the annals of weight loss successes and failures have been born a long list of summer weight loss tips. These tips will help a dieter to achieve the weight loss they want this summer without falling off the wagon and gaining more weight. The best tips include eating all the allotted calories every day, working out at least 20 minutes every day and thinking positive. Positive thinking is essential for a good night’s rest and when asleep, the body can repair, rejuvenate and restore for tomorrows summer weight loss journey.

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