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Sunslim is a product that was created by a medical doctor who is known as Joy Siegrist. It is manufactured by Asher Health Labs in Destine, Florida, U.S.A. This diet is based on the theory that there is a certain way that foods can be combined that will actually cause your body to burn more calories than you consume. According to the Sunslim website you can do all of this and never take medications or supplements, nor do you have to order specialty foods. In this review we will take a look at this product, which comes in the form of a book or ebook, and try to determine if it could be an effective way to lose weight.


Since there are no supplements or special foods to buy, then there are not really any ingredients to be listed. This product actually consists of nothing more but an ebook or a regular book that you can order online that can show you certain ways that you can rearrange your everyday foods into something that can help you to turn your body and favorite foods into a fat burning machine.

Product Features

This diet was formulated with the goal of providing normal people with a way to achieve their weight loss goals without taking any pills, or having to exercise in excessive amounts. The theory behind this program is that if you rearrange your foods in a certain way, then your metabolism may be able to reach its maximum ability of fat burning, which is said to be up to 113% more than it can by itself. There are claims that if you follow this program you can even burn off calories while you sleep without ever having to negative or low calorie foods.

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  • The only purchase that appears to be necessary is for the ebook that you can purchase online.
  • No waiting period for the item to be shipped and received.
  • Appears to have a money back guarantee.


  • There are no obvious fat burning substances that are mentioned in the Sunslim ad.
  • There is no way to tell if this program can actually work without buying it first.
  • There are no free examples of the foods that are included in this program provided before purcahse.
  • There is no way to tell if this diet includes all of the proper nutrition that your body needs.


At first glance it appears as though you may have stumbled upon a good find with Sunslim. But, the more you examine it you may become less sure. One of the biggest concerns is that there appears to be no way to tell if the Sunslim diet is right for you prior to your purchase. Furthermore, there appears to be no nutritional facts available about the foods that are found in this ebook. Some people may find it to be disconcerting to have so little information available about this ebook.

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