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What You Should Know

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Super Cap Xtreme is listed as a fat burner that supplies extreme energy to the dieter. The ingredient list shows a couple popular ingredients with some clinical support, but none of the ingredients are associated with extreme energy. All ingredients are packed in a proprietary blend, another problem for D&E, the makers of Super Cap Xtreme. When we review a fat burner we are looking for a few things – ingredients, proven quality/efficacy and transparency. The ingredients are listed, but testimonials and transparency are lacking.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea
  • Cocoa Bromine
  • Cayenne
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • Jaborandi
  • NADH

Product Features

Green tea is the star of the show for Super Cap Xtreme. Clinical studies have proven green tea helps improve overall health and speed up metabolism. But, like all natural supplements, you have to take the proven amount to achieve the proven results. The ingredient list for Super Cap Xtreme does not show how much of each ingredient is packed into the formula so the dieter is left with a listed ingredient that they cannot guarantee will work as clinically proven.

Next is cocoa bromine, which contains some caffeine. How much caffeine is up in the air. There could be a beneficial amount, around 75 mg per serving, but there could also be a huge amount of caffeine moving the supplement into dangerous territory for some dieters.

A unique ingredient is listed on the Super Cap Xtreme label – Jaborandi. When we researched the ingredient, which is included to cause sweating, there was a warning on WebMD that Jaborandi is not safe for human consumption. The ingredient is toxic at certain levels and may cause death.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains green tea.


  • None of the ingredient amounts are listed.
  • Contains an unknown amount of caffeine.
  • Jaborandi may cause death.


We stopped researching ingredients in Super Cap Xtreme when we learned that one of the ingredients could cause death. Dieters can choose from a long list of safe, effective fat burners that contain caffeine, green tea and chromium – along with other proven ingredients. Trusted companies will list all ingredients and the amounts for some or all ingredients. In addition to staying away from ingredients that may cause death, dieters need to choose a company willing share testimonials, contact information and the total amount of ingredients that may cause negative side effects when taken in access – like caffeine.

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