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Super Ditex is a product of Medibar Diet. It has been used by bariatric surgeons and dieticians as a weight management tool. It is sold as an all natural appetite suppressant. It has natural fiber which helps you lose weight by letting you feel full, and ingredients which suppress your appetite. It’s recommended that the capsule be taken 20 minutes to half an hour before meal time, with a tall glass of water. The ingredients are not directly absorbed into the bloodstream, so there’s no risk of overdose. A 21-capsule bottle sells for only $4 on the Medibar site, making it affordable. It is used in centers like Coastal Medical Weight Loss center, and Dr. Healy’s Diet center.

List of Ingredients

Each individual capsule contains active ingredient benzocaine, 3mg, and inactive ingredients, magnesium, stearate, gelatin and 500 mg cellulose.

Product Features

The capsules help you lose weight simply because the methylcellulose fiber in them swells with the water and induces a feeling of fullness. The powder dissolves best in cold, not hot water, to form a thick gel. Methylcellulose is not absorbed by the intestines, but passes through the digestive tract. Its uniqueness lies in the fact it attracts water into the colon, leaving the client feeling full. It may have a mild laxative action, and products containing it should be taken with plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Benzocaine is an over the counter diet ingredient. It helps to suppress appetite, and also calms the stomach. The capsule can also prevent gastric irritation when used with Niacin to reduce high cholesterol. Super Ditex capsules contain no caffeine or ephedra, and taking them does not affect the central nervous system .

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  • It has been used for over 20 years by recognized weight loss centers.


  • The ingredients in them are billed as natural, but there are not necessarily recognized as being safe or even useful as compared to other dietary products in the market.
  • Benzocaine is not very popular in the appetite suppressant market today.


The manufacturer claims there is minimal risk to overall health, and no food restrictions. This means you can eat what you like, but because of the ingredients in the pill, you will probably eat lesser amounts. Benzocaine was traditionally used as a local anesthetic and topical pain reliever, as it deadens the nerve ending in the skin. It is also used in condoms and lubricants. It has in the past been used as an appetite suppressant, but more recently, not too many diet pills or appetite suppressants use it. Not all appetite suppressants works the same, and with the wide choice on the market available, it may be better to go in for one which is made from natural ingredients. The product is however highly recommended by the Coastal Medical Weight Loss center, and by the few online reviews available.

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  • 1

    Can you tell me where I can buy Super Ditex? I haven’t found any place online that sells it.


  • 2

    PLEASE could someone please post here if they know where I could buy some Ditex (super or otherwise)? It worked SO WELL for me!!! PLEASE


  • 3
    Susan Miller

    I’m not sure if it was RX or OTC but I know it contained benzocaine. Is this something I can buy online? Is Super Ditex still on the market? Thank you.



    Did anyone ever answer you? I want some too. It really worked for me