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What You Should Know

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Super Fat Burners Fat Loss Supplements are manufactured by Genesis. Genesis is a company which aims to provide nutritional supplements and information on herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant nutrients. The company claims to combine state of the art technology and the highest quality ingredients to deliver effective weight loss and diet supplements.

Super Fat Burners Fat Loss Supplements come in two sizes, 100 tables for $11.95, and 60 tables for $7.99. According to client testimonials, the product has no caffeine which leaves the user feeling great and able to lose weight in a safe environment, when combined with cardio and a good diet. The company offers a full-money back guarantee for their products. It’s recommended that two tablets be taken thrice daily with meals.

List of Ingredients

Daily dosage of 6 tablets contains Vitamin B6 33 mg, L-Lysine 280 mg, Inositol 1,200 mg, Dl-Methionine 580 mg, Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg, Betaine HCL 300 mg, Uva Ursi Leaves 215 mg, Phosphatidylcholine Complex 1,340 mg, and L-Carnitine Complex 150 mg.

Product Features

The pills contain choline complex, L-carnitine, and chromium picolinate, all recognized for their weight loss properties. While choline is not considered a real vitamin, as it’s not made in the liver, it falls into the Vitamin B complex group. It is efficient in metabolizing fat into energy. Chromium is a basic nutrient found in certain health foods, and when combined with picolinate, it forms chromium picolinate. Like choline, chromium picolinate causes fat to metabolize efficiently. The tablets also have thermogenic herbs, lipotropic vitamins, and amino acids in them. The combination of these herbs, vitamins and minerals is supposed to lower bad cholesterol, decrease the synthesis of fats, reduce appetite and increase the production of glycogen. The site does recommend a good aerobic plan and diet to go with the supplements. Each dose also contains the US recommended daily dosage of Vitamin B6.

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  • The Genesis Super Fat Burner comes with a money back guarantee.
  • The site claims it’s safe for diabetics.
  • The product is retailed at a number of online stores, so shopping for it is easy, and competitive prices are to be had.
  • The product has no caffeine unlike a lot of weight loss pills, and this helps avoid the side-effects of headaches, nervous tension, and insomnia.


  • There are not too many online reviews available, so it’s hard to judge the efficiency of the product.


The site also advocates the consumption of tablets with a diet and exercise plan in place. This suggest that unlike other diet supplements, the Genesis Super Fat Burner does acknowledge the value of a good food and exercise plan. The few reviews seen online are mostly positive, and the ingredients in this product are typical of those used in diet supplements.

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