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One of the newest ‘health’ juices on the market is that of a homemade toxic brew, called Superjuice. It came to public attention when a lot of Canadian Natives were struck with severe food poisoning after consuming it. The drink consists of brewer’s yeast, also called super yeast, which is widely available in brewing stores across Canada, mixed with sugar and water. Superjuice takes a few days, and at times, as little as 24 hours to ferment. It’s then bottled and sold for between $40 – $80 a bottle, and because of its potency, one bottle is usually enough for four adults.

Super juice became first public in the Island Lake region of northeastern Manitoba. Some of the local leaders do want to outlaw it, as it has given rise to violence, crime, and hospitalization, especially among the youth who make and consume it.

List of Ingredients

Brewers yeast, sugar, water.

Product Features

Typically, brewers yeast is made from a one-celled fungus, and is used to make beer and nutritional supplements. It is a rich source of minerals, including chromium, which is again a popular ingredient in health and diet pills. It is also a source of selenium, protein, and B-complex vitamins. Brewers yeast is generally available in powder, flakes, tablet, and liquid form. When it comes in contact with any carbohydrates, brewer’s yeast reacts, forming a froth of carbon dioxide. This is used to ferment grains into beer, or cause bread to rise, on in the instance of this product, create an energetic, alcohol-like drink.

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  • None


  • It’s cheap and the ingredients are available for anyone to make.
  • It’s a quick to brew drink, and easily available to most First Nation communities which are dry.
  • It’s potent and gives consumers an immediate buzz upon ingesting it.


Brewer’s yeast will tolerate only up to 5% alcohol. If it is left to ferment beyond this, the yeast cannot continue fermenting and dies out, leaving alcohol behind. However, in the instance of SuperJuice, the drink is not left to ferment for long, and process is cut short, and the drinks bottled and sold. Because of this short process, the brew continues to ferment in the stomach of the person who’s drunk it. There’s not much to say about this drink, except buyers beware. The name is extremely misleading, and there’s nothing super about this juice. It is home-made moonshine, which has led to a number of cases of hospitalization, as the brew continues to ferment, causing severe abdominal pain. It has also caused a number of incidents of food poisoning, and blackouts, and has been directly linked to cases of gang assaults, and even suicide . It’s difficult to catch and charge the perpetrators, because the ingredients are all legally available over the counter, but to buy and drink it would be at the consumer’s own risk.

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