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Super Slimming Herbal Tea is a potent mixture of herbs, to help you cleanse and detoxify the body, and regulate the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Its combination has long since been used in China, and is now introduced to the rest of the world via Triple Leaf Teas.

Triple Leaf Teas are a Chinese-American owned family business. They have tried and tested various combinations to come up with the Super Slimming Herbal Tea. Most of the ingredients in their products are used in Chinese medicine and are now being recognized as having medicinal and curative powers. The company has created a wide variety of herbal teas, including the Herbal Laxative Tea, Ultra Slim Tea, and the Triple Leaf Detox Tea to name a few. The Super Slimming Herbal Tea comes in boxes of 20, and retails for between $3.15-$6.00. It’s recommended to drink one cup after dinner. The company advises not to have more than 2 cups in 24 hours due to the laxative properties of Senna. The tea should not be drunk for more than a 7 day duration. Customer testimonials are positive.

List of Ingredients

Senna angustifolia, leaf and stem, Whorled mallow, Chinese licorice, Chinese persimmon, Papaya, Orange peel, and Tangerine peel.

Product Features

The ingredients in this tea are known for their cleansing properties. Senna is a herbal simulative laxative, which rids the body of toxins naturally. Licorice root is also a detoxifying agent. Persimmon and papaya have natural digestive properties and can help calm the stomach.

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  • The product uses natural, tried and tested ingredients.
  • The website offers ample information as to how this product works, and has certain cautions clearly listed for users to follow.
  • The tea can be drunk hot and cold, so it’s a regime which is easy to maintain no matter the season.
  • Most customers testify to no bloating, or cramps, which is often a side effect of diet teas.


  • Senna is a strong herbal laxative and should be used with caution.


Customer reviews are all very positive and it’s a good indication the tea does work well as a cleanser and laxative. As the tea should not be drunk for more than 7 days at a stretch, it probably works better as a cleanser than a slimming tool. The ingredients are all natural and so can be safely used in most instances.

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  • 1

    How many weeks or months should i take this kind of tea to reduce weight?


  • 2

    …..wer i can buy this product…im in cebu…


  • 3
    Your Name

    this is available in HEALTHY OPTIONS store :)


  • 4
    Your Name

    what are d side effects of using hot water


    Your Name

    You’re going to the bathroom in less than 5 hours


  • 5
    Your Name

    Is very good tea
    You can ge this tea in asian store


  • 6
    Your Name

    Where can I get the tea here in lagos


  • 7
    lucy wagaja

    were can I get it, I really need it


    Your Name

    You can get it at whole food. Be careful though. It works almost too well as a laxative.


  • 8

    If the tea is used after 7 days wen should it be restarted?


  • 9

    how can we use slimmimg herbal tea …this is for reducing weight tea right .. and i drink that tea in the morning and loose stool occurs … how can i take this tea and wat is the benifits of this tea


  • 10
    Ilomuanya winifred

    I have not seen any improvement since I have been using sliming tea


  • 11

    where can I buy it?


  • 12
    shaikh zubair ahmad

    i use super slimming herbal tea about 20 days after dinner every day . I have some skin problem that is at least reduce but there is no changing in my body weight . Thanks


  • 13

    I used this tea as it was recommended by a friend. Please be cautious as I should of been. If you have any bowel problems ie: IBS, Diverticulitis etc; I don’t recommend as it did cause lots of discomfort and pain for a few days and that was after only one tea.


    Your Name

    Does it work?


  • 14
    stephen c. davis

    is this tea safe if your on plavix,thyroid,bloodpressure meds.


  • 15


    I am using this tea for 7 days exactly. The web site suggest that I stop using it now. However, how long should the brake be, before I start using it again? It helped me with my stomack bloating, gas problem, and it seems like I’ve used few pounds as also helps me reduce my apetite too :) i am dieting since i was 14, this is the first thing that worked on me. I combine it with apples one in the morning and one in the night, and i believe I am finally on a good healthy track.



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