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What You Should Know

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SuperCharge by Labrada Nutrition is a pre-workout shake mix that claims to increase energy and help the bodybuilder improve muscle volume. This product is not created for weight loss even though there are only 32 calories per serving. The majority of the ingredients are focused on muscle growth and recovery as opposed to burning fat. The SuperCharge shake will likely increase weight as muscle growth occurs – muscle weighs more than fat.

List of Ingredients

SuperCharge Performance Blend: Phase 1 Energy / Hemo-Dilation Complex – Nitrous Malate, Taurine, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Citrulline-Di-Malate, L-Tyrosine, Methylxanthines. Phase 2 Strength & Endurance Complex – Kre-Alkalyn, Betapure, Pikatropin. Phase 3 Post Workout Recovery Complex – Beta Alanine, N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine. Power Carb.

Product Features

The first indication that SuperCharge is not developed for weight loss is the inclusion of Kre-Alkalyn. This ingredient is a pH balanced creatine. Creatine tends to cause bloating and weight gain from fluid retention. Fluid typically collects in the muscles, but women who take creatine have complained of total body water retention.

Methylxanthines is another ingredient of concern. This is another name for caffeine, which could increase heart rate and blood pressure. There are 225 mg of caffeine in each serving which is equivalent to more than two cups of coffee taken at one time. This will cause jitters in dieters who are sensitive to caffeine and could cause caffeine addiction or desensitization over time.

The remaining ingredients are all packed into SuperCharge to impact how the muscle grows, recovers and reacts to weight lifting. The most interesting is Power Carb. Power Carb is developed from potato, rice and corn. Carbohydrates carry protein to the muscle so increasing total carbohydrate intake after a workout or during a workout is supposed to increase the amount of protein transported to the muscle, but the shake mix does not include protein so we have no idea why the Power Carb is included other than extra simple energy which dieters do not need why trying to lose weight. SuperCharge retails for $35.99 for a 20 serving tub.

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  • Bodybuilders may see increased muscle growth when using SuperCharge.


  • The powder supplement is not created for weight loss.
  • The caffeine dose is very high per serving.
  • Creatine may cause water retention.
  • One container lasts only 20 servings.
  • The price is higher than comparable pre-workout shakes.
  • There is no protein in the shake mix.


SuperCharge could be a decent bodybuilding supplement for muscle growth, but weight loss will not be a side effect even with the large dose of caffeine. The ingredients in SuperCharge are included to focus on the muscle and with creatine in the supplement dieters are more likely to see water retention instead of weight loss.

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