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Suppress C is a cortisol-blocking supplement. Cortisol is thought to be responsible for increased storage of abdominal fat. Cortisol is released by the body when we experience stress. More stress means more cortisol and more stored fat. Suppress C is supposed to stop the release of cortisol so that could mean less stored fat around the mid-section. We found the supplement ingredient list online, but there is only one ingredient listed and no clinical proof that ingredient suppresses cortisol in the product description. Suppress C is not an oral supplement – it is a topical supplement. This means the supplement is applied to the skin. You are supposed to apply the cream to the inner thighs or the upper arms. You should wait at least five minutes for the lotion to absorb into the skin.

List of Ingredients


  • B-Androstenetriol (Androstat-5-ene-3b, 7b, 17b-triol)

Product Features

B-Androstenetriol has been used as part of bodybuilding supplements for quite some time. Bodybuilding forums discuss this ingredient in depth and many users claim a relatively good effect on cortisol inhibition, but we’re curious how these bodybuilders know cortisol has been inhibited.

The main function of the supplement is to decrease cortisol while taking stimulants and other shredding supplements during the cutting phase of bodybuilding. If cortisol is lower, metabolism is higher and water weight is down, the bodybuilder gets a more cut-up look – often referred to as being shredded.

This supplement is not designed for the average dieter who wants to lose weight. There are no stimulant properties and the supplement will not increase metabolism or decrease hunger. As a matter of fact, even if Suppress C does reduce cortisol, weight loss may not be a result as cortisol is not necessarily associated with weight gain, per se, but fat storage.

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  • We found the supplement listed for sale online.
  • Suppress C is affordable.
  • May help the bodybuilder achieve that shredded effects for competition.


  • Not designed for the average dieter.
  • Will not increase metabolism or weight loss.


Suppress C is well-liked in the bodybuilding community. The supplement is designed to aid the bodybuilder in achieving the ultimate shredded body, but it will not increase weight loss or metabolism. We found no testimonials from bodybuilders and no free trial for the supplement. B-Androstenetriol may be a viable option for bodybuilders, but we are not convinced it will work for any other purpose.

Dieters desiring to lose weight should look for a clinically proven alternative to B-Androstenetriol, which could include green tea, caffeine and other supplements.

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