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Supreme Protein is a manufacturer of protein bars and protein shake powder mix located in Manasquan, New Jersey. Supreme Protein was founded in 2007 and its mission was to create the world’s first true gourmet protein bar made of the highest quality ingredients, including whey isolate. To achieve this, they employ top experts in the field of sports nutrition and candy bar manufacturing. Supreme Protein offers three product lines of protein bars including Carb Conscious, Original, and Raptor.


Not applicable. Supreme Protein uses the highest quality ingredients, including whey isolate, in their products.

Product Features

Supreme Protein products include protein bars and a protein shake powder that are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients. The Protein Bars product lines include Original, Carb Conscious, and Raptor. The Original Supreme Protein Bar is available in Caramel Nut Chocolate flavor. It is designed for those consumers looking for the energy boost and endurance that comes with 34g of carbohydrates in addition to the 30g of protein in every Supreme Protein Bar. The protein in this bar provides a complete profile of muscle building amino acids. The Carb Conscious protein bar product line is available in five flavors and each flavor is available in a large and small size. The large size offers 30g of protein, while the small size offers 15g of protein. The flavors include Caramel Nut Chocolate, Peanut Butter Crunch, Rocky Road Brownie, Cookies and Cream, and Peanut Butter Pretzel Twist. This line is carbohydrate limited and can be eaten immediately post-workout to trigger anabolism and support muscle repair and growth. The Raptor product line is available in Wild Cherry flavor only. It features an energy core gel center that is easily digested and offers a quick burst of energy. The Supreme Protein Powder is offered in both vanilla and chocolate. The powder offers 30g of protein per serving, and offers a full spectrum of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

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  • Supreme Protein has a dedicated website.
  • Supreme Protein offers several lines of protein bars to meet consumer needs.


  • Supreme Protein does not offer clinical trial information for their products.
  • Supreme Protein products cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer.


Supreme Protein manufactures protein bars and protein powder mix that offers a range of products to meet consumer needs. The products offer 15g to 30g of protein, and are said to be the world’s only gourmet protein bars. The products are featured on the dedicated website, but cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The products are widely available from third party websites and retailers. There are no clinical trials for Supreme Protein products, however, the products have won awards for taste and quality in the world of fitness nutrition.

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