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Sureslim is a personalized diet program centered around correcting glucose and hormone levels, which they claim helps dieters to lose weight safety, effectively, and most importantly, permanently. Sureslim’s approach is very similar to Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, and the program focuses on balanced meals developed from a person’s personal profile. Guided by licensed physicians and practitioners, a person’s entire diet program is developed around specific imbalances in the blood, which these specialists try to correct through a prescribed eating plan. Although Sureslim is based in the United Kingdom, overseas dieters can participate via phone.

Unlike many other popular weight loss programs, Sureslim does not have a monthly charge, which is a plus. It still manages to be very expensive, ranging between £395.00 to £495.00 per plan, but is relatively cheap when considering long-term weight loss. You also have the freedom of eating food within their guidelines instead of purchasing pre-made meals. Although weight loss is slower than other programs (dieters average about 2lbs per week), Sureslim looks quite promising at first glance.


There are no ingredients to list since this is a diet program.

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Sureslim focuses on balancing glucose and hormone levels, which they claim aids in weight loss. On their official site, they claim fluctuating glucose levels lead to extra fat stores, although they do not back this up with verifiable evidence. Glucose levels do play a part in weight management, but most dietitians place very little emphasis on this for various reasons. However, they use a high protein, high fat, and low carbohydrate plan, which most physicians consider a well-balanced, nutritionally sound diet — something that should be considered when embarking on a long term diet. According to some testimonials, however, Sureslim does not promise results for everyone and their system is not suitable for people not located in the UK. However, a majority of dieters lose between 60-100 lbs. by diligently following this program. You will need to follow strict guidelines given by medical staff to see these results, which may be unappealing to some dieters.

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  • Sureslim is designed for people looking for a long term weight solution.
  • Sureslim is guided by professional medical staff trained to place an emphasis on safety.
  • Sureslim has a proven track record as a viable long term weight solution for overweight dieters.
  • You do no need any other fees except for their high entrance fees.


  • Their support is not as good for dieters not in the UK, who will find this program more of an inconvenience. Also, exchange rates could make this even more expensive.
  • Dieters must make an effort to follow the guidelines in order to lose weight.
  • Your progress is continually monitored by staff, which leaves little to no freedom – something not ideal for some dieters.
  • Sureslim is extremely expensive and offers no money-back guarantees or trial subscriptions.
  • Weight loss is extremely slow in most instances.


Sureslim is a viable solution for dieters focused on long term weight loss, but the restrictions might outweigh the benefits in this situation. Dieters located in the UK will get the best benefit from this program, but commitment is necessary in order to succeed with this program. Dieters who want more freedom or those who have not seen satisfactory results with similar self control based diet plans should look elsewhere for a more suitable solution.

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18 User Reviews about Sureslim

  • 1

    I am 21 years old but i am very fat so can i maintain my boady and silm how to use for this tablet i have 1 year baby for me so i use good or bad


  • 2

    this is when am joining, but I would like to find out more on your flex belt


  • 3

    I have been using Sureslim on and off for over 10 years. Each time I need to lose extra pounds, I just go back to it and I must say, it has ALWAYS worked.
    Just like any diet in the world, it takes hard work, commitment, and determination. One has to follow the rules, otherwise you will not get the results you want. Losing weight is not an overnight achievement. It takes time, therefore, patience is key.
    Please don,t blame the diet, it’s the individual at the end of the day.


  • 4

    I think I wasted a lot of money on this diet, I put the weight back on and some.


  • 5

    I done the SureSlime program a few years back in Charlestown NSW Australia. I now would like to know what the seed amount was and I cant get any feed back, I also would like to know why they have gone overseas. They dont seem to be anywhere in Australia. I wonder why that is?


  • 6

    I lost 50 pound 3 yre agwe. Have regained 12lb. Need a refresher,but st catharinbes office is closed. Wher is the closest office to me now. I live in Thorold so closest to me would be a help.


  • 7

    I followed sure slim after the birth of my first child and very quickly lost a stone HOWEVER, this diet is very calorie restrictive (mine was as low as 800 if I followed the plan) so you are basically dieting at the expense of your metabolism. The weight will not stay off and unless you get your weekly Weigh in it’s impossible to succeed. eat sensibly, cut out the crap and take up running. My weight has not moved for 2 years and I eat whatever I want now!


  • 8
    Jan Whitaker

    After signing up and paying online for Sureslim, I tried to log in to my page – only got another payment page. After paying over $700 I wasn’t about to pay another lot. Finally got to my page after numerous emails. THen couldn’t log in to first week’s lesson. I had done my blood test, and had been promised a letter for my doctor – that never came either. After more emails I was then directed to the first lesson about water(!) I was advised on the amount of water the body needs each day – pretty basic stuff for $700+ I thought. Any way on to second week, could not arrange appointment, the date kept disappearing off the page, I had put in my photo and all my details, weight etc. Still could not get through to Week 2. By this stage I was pretty frustrated with the whole thing, finally got a consultation booked but had to wait another week. When I went to the consultation it had gone – they told me it was booked for the day before (!) so I still could not get into my lesson 2 after 4 weeks. I was getting pretty sick of all the seeds and yoghurt you have to eat, to the point where I was actually gagging. After being promised access to lesson 2, I went to my page, guess what it wasn’t accessable and after 6 weeks still have not been able to access it, they say you have to have a consultation to access a lesson! Ha Ha – you have to be ABLE TO MAKE a consultation first. So next I was so frustrated and fed up I asked for a partial refund – they sent me a receipt for my payment instead. Refund is only available if you follow exactly for 12 weeks and don’t lose the weight – what ever happened to getting what you paid for. I have not heard another thing from them. I think it is time for the Office of Fair Trade – after all you are supposed to be able to get a refund if the product is faulty and let’s face it – the online program is useless. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY is all I can say. Go to Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig if you don’t want to cook. You will have much better support.


  • 9
    been on it for 5 months

    This is a common sense program that you really dont need to pay for. if you eat less carb more protin you will reach the same results it all depends on you will power. I have been on it for 5 months and sure I lost weight but the min you are off it you will gain weight again. It is not worth the money, there customer services is bad . save your money and use your common sense.


  • 10

    I just started this program. I have only been on it for just over two weeks, It was hard at first, just like anything else is. But I lost 13 pounds all ready just from excerise and eating what I should be. I would never have thought this would work. But I love this program. And campared to some other ones its cheap. I feel way better about myslef. I still have a ways to go but now I know I will get there. This may not work for everyone, you need to find what works for you. Good luck to you all


  • 11

    is this halaal in srilanka


  • 12

    I am thinking of joining the program, and would like to lose 2 stone. I am a little aprehesive, as to wheter I will be able to be disciplined enough, especially as I work full time, and have a busy career. I also have a home to run, and quiet a busy social lifestyle. Any comments/advise welcome.



    I to work full time and when I am home I am with my 1 year baby girl. Plus selling kid toys on the run, This program works soo well with busy lives, and works around your times. I would never go on anything else.



    Hi there
    I’ve just been looking at signing up for DR COHEN diet which is very similar to sure slim.
    I need to loose 20kgs-baby weight and finding it hard to get rid off.
    Have you still kept of your weight and have you lost more weight???
    I’m excited as I so want to get fit & healthy again with dr Cohen diet.

    Look fwd to hearing from you.cheers gina


  • 13

    O – sorry your question – Yes, as a Nurse I believe that this programme will be safe to do – as always – make sure that it is ok with your family doctor before taking on any new eating plan – but I cannot see how Vegetables, Fruit and Protien with selected starch types can be bad for a Diabetic. And I also have to disagree with the commenter – Sureslim is not a High Fat plan – nor is it a Low Carb plan – somehow I believe that people do not really understand that ALMOST ALL food contains carbohydrates!!!!!!!! Sureslim is a Controlled Intake Plan!!!! With very healty values!


    sunnii love

    I am also a nurse who took on sure lime and lost 17.5kg and the wonderful transformation and youthful appearance i gained from healthy eating and picking up my pace at work really worked for me. I now work night duty to fit in with my change of family values and have noticed it is harder to maintain a eating style every 5 hours when i only get 5 hours sleep a day. I eat every 5 hours and am constantly on the go. Sureslim is a wonderful life change and i know it is mind over matter and i will loss more when i focuse and prepare meals again in advance. Give Sureslim ago. Is there anyone on night duty that can recommend an easier way to achieved results. I need answers.


  • 14
    Steph Roth

    Before I commit and embark on this is it suitable for Type 2 diabetes on metformin?


    dawn Sparkes

    Hi! Steph, did you get a response to your question as I am a type 2 Diabetic on Metformin and Gliclazide, so would like to know if this diet will help us Diabetics – Please respond