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Surf Yoga Soul with Shiva Rea is one of many different yoga DVDs on the market today. If you are looking into building or expanding a yoga DVD library to help strengthen your body and/or lose weight, this one may be a good addition. Before you rush out to buy the DVD or order it online, read this review to decide if you should get it now, or wait until you are more comfortable with practicing yoga.

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Surf Yoga Soul with Shiva Rea is just one of the DVDs by Shiva Rea. She is a yoga professional, who has released several different DVDs to help make yoga more accessible from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This workout DVD is designed for people who have previous experience working with yoga, so if you have never done any kind of yoga before, you may want to look to another DVD before using this one. The DVD is structured in a matrix format that will enable users to pick and choose their workout so they can customize it according to their favorite poses, or what part of the body they want to focus on. You can choose to keep the instruction on with the music, or do the workout without instruction, just listening to the music. The whole DVD features seven different segments: 1. Wave Meditation (9 min) 2. Mandala Namaskar (12 Min.) 3. Agni Namaskar (17 min.) 4. Breath Wave – 5 minutes 5. Balance Flow (20 min) 6. Flexibility Flow (11 min.) and 7. Shavasana (2 min.), for a total of 76 minutes of workout from start to finish.

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  • Surf Yoga Soul with Shiva Rea is a cost effective way to get a yoga workout.


  • Surf Yoga Soul with Shiva Rea is not designed for beginners.
  • Doing the same workout over and over may become boring quite quickly.
  • This does not address diet and nutrition, which is a major component of weight loss.
  • Depending on where you purchase the DVD, you may or may not be able to get a money back guarantee.


Surf Yoga Soul with Shiva Rea is a good yoga workout DVD for people who are up to the challenge or are familiar with the practice. Yoga is thought to help with more than weight loss, as it will strengthen the core, and help improve balance. If you want to use yoga to lose weight, you should also follow a balanced diet that contains fewer calories than you burn. To really give yourself a boost, you should also consider taking a clinically proven weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner, or an appetite suppressant, if not both.

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