Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan Review

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What You Should Know

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The Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan started out as a small diet and exercise program and grew into a huge program with a variety of branded supplements, affiliations, menus, books and more. The official website for Suzanne Somers offers an in depth look at all the products suggested for weight loss by the once actress. The three main categories of the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan are Somersize, Fitness and Food.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss products, foods and fitness by Suzanne Somers.

Product Features

Somersize is the official name for the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Program. According to the description, millions of people have gained control of their weight with the help of the TV actress. Somersize includes foods, books, recipes, fitness and more. Dieters need to join the site for more information. There is no mention of a fee associated with joining the Somersize community.

There is no one food category that is not covered on the Suzanne Somers website. She sells her own brand of sweetener, candy, desserts, seasonings, sauces, salad dressings, beverages and protein shakes. The prices for the foods are much higher than a dieter would find in a local grocery store. For instance, one 7.4 ounce container of caramel sauce sells for $14.95. Despite being diet friendly, the sauce still has 55 calories per tablespoon.

There are so many books in the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan that a dieter may have trouble choosing which one is best. This parallels the huge selection of overpriced foods and fitness equipment. Losing weight should not be confusing or a difficult choice.

We did figure out there are two levels to the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Program. The first level must be more restrictive than the second as recipes tend to add a brief blurb about adding this food or that to the recipe during level two. Recipes are all offered in PDF format so the dieter can easily print them out and save the recipes for future use, but accessing each one as a PDF can be very time consuming. There are also very few recipes listed on the official website for free. No nutritional information is listed on the recipes.

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  • Official website with information on the Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Program is free to access.


  • There are too many products for the dieter to choose from.
  • There are multiple weight loss books or multiple volumes to one weight loss plan.
  • Suzanne Somers products are overpriced.
  • Dieters may have trouble sorting through all of the information on the website for dieting information alone.


We think Suzanne Somers is beautiful and well accomplished, but her push toward the dieter is a bit rambled. Dieters want a clean, clear path to weight loss not a website or eCommerce site, selling everything from makeup to kitchen utensils.

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