Swanson System Weight Loss Review

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What You Need to Know

The Swanson System Weight Loss with Pomegranate system includes many products in order to offer a full health and weight loss program to its users. While other diet plans focus on one product or capsule, this is an effective plan. Included in this system is 7 different unique products. Based on the book, The Fat Resistance Diet, the plan is focused around regulating Laptin, a powerful fat-regulating hormone. With more control, individuals are able to better control their body fat, which can help to improve weight loss. The different products in this system make it more possible to achieve weight loss goals. For anyone looking for a different and more system-like approach to dieting, this is a great option to consider. Diet plans don’t have to include only one product.

List of Ingredients

The Swanson System Weight Loss with Pomegrante contains the following ingredients: reconstituted promegrante juice concentrates, purified water, potassium benzoate, potassium sorbate. There is also green tea extract, flax seeds, walnuts, calcium and EFA supplements in the “pack” with the juice.

Product Features

This diet offers many great products and ingredients, to help dieters reach their weight loss goals. Each included product helps to regulate the Laptin in the body, which is a hormone that works to regulate fat. By combating this hormone, individuals are able to have better control over their weight. This makes it possible for more individuals to trim off extra pounds. The system includes many natural products and ingredients that can help to promote overall health, in addition to weight loss. While many other diet plans aren’t as effective, this plan makes it possible to have better results. Each product in this system offers its own added benefit to the entire diet plan.

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  • This diet can help the body better regulate Laptin, a fat-regulating hormone.
  • Many individuals are able to lose weight more quickly.


  • The entire system can be costly, through continued use.
  • Losing weight quickly may lead to rebound weight gain.
  • There are no guaranteed results.
  • Individuals must continue through with the plan, in order to achieve the best results.


For anyone looking for a better way to approach dieting, this is a great plan. While many other diet products work alone, this full system makes it possible to achieve better weight loss results. With a variety of ingredients, dieters will be able to better regulate their Laptin, so that it’s more possible to regulate fat. Each product included in this plan offers added benefits so that dieters are able to lose more weight in a quicker time period. The Swanson System Weight Loss with Pomegranate is a full diet plan that has offered many individuals great results.

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