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Swedish Bitters is an old European herbal remedy made famous by herbalist Maria Treben. It was first formulated 500 years ago by Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, a 16th century Swiss Physician. It got its name though from Dr. Claus Samst, a Swedish Physician who practiced medicine in the 1800’s and used the remedy for many of his patients. Maria Treben is credited with rediscovering the remedy after World War II. Swedish Bitters is said to be the long life elixir, and is said to improve regularity, rejuvenate vital organs, cleanse the body, and aid digestion.


Swedish Bitters contains 10 grams Aloe, 5 grams Myrrh, 0.2 grams Saffron, 10 grams Senna leaves, 10 grams Camphor** (natural, white), 10 grams Rhubarb roots, 10 grams Manna, 10 grams Theriac Venezian, 5 grams Carline Thistle roots, 10 grams Angelica roots, and 10 grams Zedoary roots.

Product Features

Swedish Bitters is an old European remedy said to be the long life elixir. It is the most popular remedy is Europe. It can be taken internally or applied externally on the skin. Aloe is added for its laxative effects and as a tonic for the female reproductive system when taken internally. External uses include burns, sunburns, wounds and insect bites. Myrrh is added to stimulate the production of white blood cells, and is used for infections such as in the mouth, boils, and other wounds. It is used for upper respiratory problems, colds, and the digestive system. Saffron is used as a sedative, to relieve flatulence and stimulate the appetite. It is also used by women to regulate menstrual flow. Senna Leaf is used to treat constipation. Camphor is used to stimulate the respiratory and cardiac systems, and to calm the nerves. Rhubarb root is used to treat constipation. Zedoary is used to treat the digestive system. Manna is used as a laxative. Theriac Venezian is used to treat animal bites containing venom. Carline Thistle Root has antibiotic effects and is a diuretic. Angelica Root is used to treat respiratory ailments, digestive problems, and can help the skin eliminate toxins. Swedish Bitters is available in a dry herb mix, liquid, soap, and topical cream.

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  • Swedish Bitters has a dedicated website.
  • Swedish Bitters can be ingested internally or used topically.


  • Swedish Bitters contains several herbs that treat constipation.
  • Swedish Bitters does not have any documented clinical trials.


Swedish Bitters is a 500 year old treatment said to be the long life elixir. It has a dedicated website that contains detailed product information, including ingredient descriptions. Swedish Bitters can be used both topically and ingested orally depending on needs. It contains all natural ingredients however, it contains several herbs that treat constipation, and one diuretic. This can cause dehydration in some consumers and should be used with caution. Consumers taking this remedy should be sure to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration. Also, consumers should be aware that there are no clinical trials documented proving the safety of the product. Consumers should contact their physician prior to starting any supplement regimen to be sure that it is safe for their use.

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  • 1
    Jackie Prinsloo

    Can a diabetic person use it?


  • 2

    Can Swedish Bitters be taken orally during pregnancy and breastfeeding?


  • 3

    Hi. I would like to know as to whether Swedish Bitters is safe to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Thanks. Regards, Hanah


  • 4

    I have major stomach problems and I’m not sure what to do anymore. Had my gallbladder out and now my bile duct doesn’t work right anymore. Also have gerd and my epshogus closes up and I have to get it dilated sometimes , they say it’s caused from my sphincter muscle spasms- now my dr wants to put me on nortriptyline and I’m so sick of taking medicine was wondering if Swedish bitters would help at all


  • 5

    swedish bitters is the best natural remedy for like everything it promotes weight loss because it helps with your digestive system
    and for acne if you have it. you can drink it or apply it to the face give it some time. there are the capsule form if you can’t drink it. this swedish bitter does not mess up your body instead it’s the best natural remedy to drink to maintain a healthy body


  • 6
    Angie Nguyen

    I just want to asked did Swedish Bitter help to lose weight?


  • 7

    tors rthemand


  • 8
    Charlotte Chavez

    I am concerned about the best daily dose of Swedish bitters and how long is safe to use it?


  • 9
    Oswald Gallion

    I have a bottle of Maria Treben’s Swedish
    for more than ten years. It is sealed tightly. Is it safe to use now?


  • 10
    sandra monzo

    I’d like feedback from people who ae tried it



    I been having problems with my galbladder getting stones. I really do not want to have surgery so it was suggested that I try Swedish Bitters. I just tried it, it is aweful I have never tasted anything like this before my mouth was on fire and I began to choke. After I got myself composed, I went to the internet to find more information on this product. The reviews showed that it should be mixed with some type of juice I strongly recommend if you do try this product to mix it with juice!



    did it help you with your problem?



    You’re supposed to take Swedish Bitters in a glass of water. I love the stuff and it seems to work wonders for my digestion.


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