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Sweet to Svelte is a weight loss supplement that was here and gone in a second. Press releases are available all over the Internet announcing the newest breakthrough in the diet industry. According to these press releases, Sweet to Svelte worked better than all other diet products and even came close to weight loss surgery. With weight loss reports of 40 pounds or more in the first two weeks, there is bound to be a catch somewhere.

List of Ingredients

No known ingredients.

Product Features

There are press releases, promises of 100% money back guarantees and more offered for the Sweet to Svelte product, but no official website or product can be found. Dr. McScott is the creator of the Sweet to Svelte supplement. Offered in a liquid sweetener form, the supplement is supposed to create remarkable effects or your money back. If we cannot buy the product, announced in November, 2010, how are we supposed to find out if it works?

There are four ingredients in the liquid supplement. The first ingredient is supposed to suppress appetite. This could be Hoodia or Chromium. The second ingredient is a fat trapper. This is likely to be Chitosan, a derivative from shellfish that may help trap a bit of fat, but not 40 pounds worth in two weeks. The third ingredient is the stimulant or fat burner. This is likely to be caffeine, Guarana or synephrine. Caffeine is the only proven ingredient among the three possibilities.

Finally, the final ingredient will lower cholesterol. This is probably some sort of phytosterol or green tea. There are so many options we cannot narrow down the long list to just one.

From what we know, we can gather that the supplement made claims it could not back up. Just two drops of this sweetener, two times a day is all it takes to shed up to 40 pounds in two weeks. If the claims are extraordinary – they are probably not likely to happen.

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  • Easy to use.


  • No official website.
  • The product does not appear to be for sale.
  • The claims are extraordinary.
  • Two drops of sweetener will not lead to 40 pounds of weight loss in two weeks.


There are plenty of weight loss products out there making claims that are completely unrealistic and Sweet to Svelte is one of those products. The fact that the sweetener requires only two drops twice a day to work is enough to cause a red flag, but the weight loss claims are the icing on the proverbial cake.

There are proven weight loss products and ingredients that help dieters lose weight slowly and permanently. These are the supplements we suggest.

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