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SweetLeaf Stevia is a sweetener made with stevia, not sugar. It is manufactured by SweetLeaf, a subsidiary of Wisdom Natural Brands Incorporated. SweetLeaf was founded by James May, who is credited with bringing stevia to the United States over 25 years ago. SweetLeaf Stevia is an all natural, zero calorie, zero carbohydrate, zero chemical, and zero glycemic index sweetener. Stevia is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family which grows wild in parts of Paraguay and Brazil and is known for its extreme sweet taste.


SweetLeaf Stevia contains Frutafit® Inulin Fiber (FOS), Stevia Extract (standardized to a minimum of 90% Steviosides).

Product Features

SweetLeaf Stevia is a food and beverage sweetener made with stevia instead of sugar. SweetLeaf Stevia is all natural, zero calorie, zero carbohydrate, zero glycemic index. It contains no saccharin, no NutraSweet, no aspartame, no refined sugar, no maltodextrin, no fructose, or any other artificial sweeteners. Stevia grows in Paraguay and Brazil, and is said to be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia contains glycosides which give the leaf its sweetness. SweetLeaf Stevia can be used in baking, cooking, and in beverages, and is certified kosher. SweetLeaf Stevia is safe for use by diabetics. It is available in packets, liquid, tablets or white powder. The packets contain the fiber-like sweetener. The liquid product can be purchased with the consumer’s choice of 12 different flavors, such as root beer, milk chocolate, and orange. The white powder is best used for baking and cooking, and is said to have no bitter aftertaste. This form also requires less product, and is best used sparingly.

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  • SweetLeaf Stevia is all natural.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia has a dedicated website.


  • SweetLeaf Stevia does not have published clinical trials on the dedicated website.
  • SweetLeaf Stevia cannot be used in the same amounts in cooking and baking as sugar.


SweetLeaf Stevia is a sugar-substitute sweetener made with stevia. The product is all natural and is said to be calorie-free, glycemic index-free, carbohydrate free, and chemical-free. The product has a dedicated website that offers links to other websites to purchase the SweetLeaf Stevia products. The dedicated website does not have published clinical trials proving the safety of the products. SweetLeaf Stevia can be used for cooking and baking, however, it should be used in the amounts in the equivalency tables published on the dedicated website to ensure the taste and quality of the products. SweetLeaf Stevia is used in much smaller amounts that regular sugar. SweetLeaf Stevia is a safe alternative sweetener for those consumers concerned about their sugar intake and those consumers who are diabetic.

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14 User Reviews about SweetLeaf Stevia

  • 1

    I would like to bake some cookies and need to know how much Stevia to use in place of 1/2 cup of sugar.


  • 2

    I have used a stevia product with the brand name of EQUATE. On the package it says that more than 5 packets of stevia is not recommended. Why is that?


  • 3

    I am diabetic. I have been using Stevia for years and it’s sweeter than an other product. It is the best to me.


  • 4

    Question: Is the product “Stevia” as purchased at supermarkets, the same as SweetLeaf Stevia? If not do I get SweetLeaf Stevia at natural food stores?



    If stevia is from SweetLeaf, it should say “SweetLeaf” on the package or box.
    (Employed by Wisdom Natural Brands, SweetLeaf Stevia)


  • 5
    Jaye Denman

    Sweetleaf Stevia is safe (not like the stevia products by Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and others that contain unsafe fillers), once you become accustomed to using it and learn how to measure properly, it tastes great in beverages, cereals, and cooking–even baking. I make a great banana walnut bread with organic ingredients that’s more like a healthy cake and use Sweetleaf Stevia in place of sugar. No one can tell the difference in taste. I also make oatmeal/nut/coconut cookies using it and sweeten fresh or frozen organic fruits with it too. I would NEVER use another brand and certainly wouldn’t use aspartame (which can cause neurological problems) or Splenda (nothing natural about it because it goes through a chemical process–need I say more?)


  • 6

    What does the FDA say about SweetLeaf Stevia tried stevia blend didn’t like the taste


    Jaye Denman

    The FDA, which is in bed with Monsanto Chemical Company (it’s chief officer is a former Monsanto attorney and, later, direct employee), won’t acknowledge the health issues of GMOs. If you think the FDA cares about consumers’ health and safety, you’re deluded. That corrupt agency (as well as the USDA) exists ONLY to do the bidding of the big corporations that own them! Meanwhile, they try to stop anything healthy that doesn’t benefit Big Agribusiness, Chemical industry or Big Pharma with obscene profits.


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    SweetLeaf Stevia was the first stevia brand to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.

    (Employed by Wisdom Natural Brands, SweetLeaf Stevia)


  • 7

    I really didn’t see any cons in the article. Are you saying that there aren’t any or did you just not cover them?


  • 8
    Bob Thorne

    Never tried it, but will this week and see how it tast in my coffee and drinks.Sounds heathly and is better than sugar, OK will get it.


  • 9
    Ernest Richardson

    Does sweetleaf Stevia cause diarhea?


  • 10
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