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Swill Sciences, or Swiss Sciences, is responsible for Vita Cleanse, according to some consumer reports. While there is no official website for Swill Sciences there is one for Swiss Sciences and for the Vita Cleanse supplement. We looked into the terms of service for Vita Cleanse and did not find the Swiss Sciences or Swill Sciences name though the company is linked to the supplement on consumer complaint boards. We did find a note that all charges from the Vita Cleanse website would come from the Swiss Sciences company.

List of Ingredients

Vita Cleanse: No ingredients are listed on the official website for Vita Cleanse or Swiss Sciences.

Product Features

Swill Sciences manages several product websites including those for Vita Cleanse, LiquiBoost, Revivatox, Liposom, Ultra Maxx, Ultra Cleanse Pro, Maxx Shredder, Nutra Daily Detox and Beri Ultimate. Each of these products is aimed at increasing weight loss in one way or another, but if even one was effective why would the company support so many? Vita Cleanse, for instance, is a colon health supplement that claims to boost weight loss. Colon cleansing and weight loss are not synonymous. The colon is an organ that moves waste and it sometimes backs up a bit; constipation. Colon cleansers are perfect for this instance, but should only be used once or twice a year at most.

We took a look at some of the other supplements on the list and many contained the same cleansing claims. LiquiBoost is an herbal cleanser as is Revivatox and Ultra Cleanse Pro. The fat burners even have cleansing ingredients in some cases, such as Liposom. There caffeine derived ingredients packed with cascara sagrada and slippery elm, two laxatives.

We could not find one product on the list that offered plain, old fashioned weight loss support with a complete list of ingredients. The fact that Swill Sciences, or Swiss Sciences, is linked to so many cleansing ingredients is a bit disheartening.

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  • Ingredients are available for some products.
  • Prices are listed and online ordering is supported.


  • Cleansers are overpriced and listed in the weight loss category.
  • Consumer complaints claim orders are placed on autoship without the knowledge of the consumer.


Swill Sciences, another name for Swiss Sciences, sells cleansing products and lists them as weight loss products. There is nothing safe about cleansing to lose weight. Cleansing should be reserved for treatment of constipation and only used on occasion. The fact that most of the products from Swiss Sciences do not list ingredients is another concern. We like manufacturers that reveal all ingredients so consumers and dieters can make safe supplement choices for weight loss and overall general health. Swill Sciences does not appear to agree with that philosophy.

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