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Swiss Labs is a developer of nutritional supplements. Swiss Labs is located in Kankakee, Illinois. It was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to offering the highest quality supplements to the consumers. Swiss Labs products are developed by a group of seven doctors of different backgrounds and specialties. Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients with stringent standards for quality and potency. Swiss Labs products include digestive products, sexual health, fitness supplements, oral health, and fatty acids, among others.


Not applicable. Swiss Labs products are made with the highest quality ingredients and herbs.

Product Features

Swiss Labs is a developer of a variety of nutritional supplements. The company uses private manufacturing partners who employ the highest quality standards in their manufacturing processes. The products are said to be side-effect free and non-toxic. The products include: 40 Winks, ActiveZyme, Androgen SX, ArthriZen, BioKrill, CeMent, Cherry Popp, EVH Supreme, Flexagene, Livagen, MangoBerry ES, Orflora, Peak D3 Plus, Polycernol, Pur Sea, Salmega, and Young Tissue Extract. 40 Winks is a sleep supplement which is said to be an all natural alternative to prescription sleep aids. ActiveZyme is a digestive supplement said to ease digestive ailments, improve the immune system, and rid the body of parasites, toxins and waste. Androgen SX is a testosterone supplement said to increase libido and increase stamina and energy. ArthriZen is a muscle and joint supplement said to reduce pain and increase stamina. BioKrill is a source of Omega 3 fatty acids that are said to boost immunity, increase energy, and support the cardiovascular system. Orflora is a dental health product made with a probiotic blend. Young Tissue Extract is a supplement to increase youthfulness.

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  • Swiss Labs uses the highest quality ingredients.
  • Swiss Labs products are side-effect free and non-toxic.


  • Swiss Labs does not publish clinical trials regarding the safety of their products.
  • Swiss Labs does not manufacture its products in its own facility.


Swiss Labs is a developer of a variety of nutritional supplements that are said to be manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and highest standards for quality. Their products are said to be non-toxic and side-effect free. However, Swiss Labs does not have published clinical trials regarding their products on the dedicated website. Clinical trials are used to prove the safety and effectiveness of products. Swiss Labs uses private manufacturing facilities that are contracted with the company to manufacture their products. The website states that these facilities have passed a stringent certificate process to ensure quality of the products. Swiss Labs offers a variety of products with full disclosure of benefits and ingredients published on the dedicated website.

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  • 1

    Since taking Stem Trol I’ve noticed a constipation problem and an elevated blob pressure . I was wandering if I could be refunded for my fund.? Please reply via e-mail. I’ll be waiting for your reply.’


  • 2
    maia elanna trettler

    I am interested in learning the ingredients in both 40 winks and also avesil. I am having real problems sleeping thru the night, and have tried virtually every thing to reduce my weight. I am lactose and gluten intolerant and follow a very sensible vegetarian diet (fish and seafood and eggs only). I use small portions and eat lots of vegetables. I am 71 years old. I exercise every day and swim 30 lengths 3 X weekly and do 15 mins exercise in the salt water pool. I have tried otyer fat burners and they don, t work. Please advise re ingredients in both products. Thank you!


  • 3
    paul o sullivan

    I am trying to send some Stemtrol to my daughter in Australia….having difficulty with your order form….please assist…..


  • 4

    Why do they not reply to the e-mail, are they teal or is it a false adress, anybody please enlighten me


  • 5

    I am taking stem trol after reading about it in The Journal of Anty Aging. Have been told the vitamin b3 is to high, would like more information,Lydia


  • 6

    They do not reply to the e-mail when you ask a question.I ask them if the Stemtrol is their product , they did not reply, it is not listed on their product list, but it have a Swisse Labs insignia, so be carefull ordering the stemtrol, which does not work and does have side afects.


  • 7
    john evenden

    I want to return this product(stemtrol) but cannot ever get to speak to anybody!



    John, forget returning the product, save on return postage, they do not refund the money, they are all crooks and their products are not made by swiss and do not contain any usefull ingrediance, and can only make you sick. I would not buy any products from them as it is all false, they are just money ripp off


  • 8

    I read a complained that supplement Actodin is not working on him.I took this supplement for two months for my sore knee had recovered. Like one said, work on one person, but not another.
    I’m going try Stemtrol hopefully it works.


  • 9
    Kevin byrnes

    I have used StemTrol for six weeks & find no difforance in myself


  • 10
    Marianne Lichtwark

    would like to try Stemtrol.
    I am taking medication for MS and need to know, if that “getting the immune system on high alert” would be too risky for me


  • 11
    paul rubenstein

    Why can’t I find Stem Trol on the internet?


    Odessa Olivier

    Would like to know why I can’t find Stem Trol on the internet, also?


    garth cotter

    i had the very same problem i was using firefox then i used google chrome to search and there it was



    You can buey it now Thru the internet Google stemtrol by swiss labs.


    Stanley D. Hickey

    I am a Canadian who has always been a firm beleiver in heath susainability. I have tried literaly Hundreds of Products-some good – some not, and am now sixty-four years young and sill working. I have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Very bad teeth in spite of regular dentist check-ups and brushing, Joint Pain continually, But still look and generaly feel Tenyears younger than my age (so I,m Told)
    I received a brochure in the mail the other day informing me for the first time ever of a product called “Stemtrol” which
    interests me very much. Iwould really like to try this product right away, and was wondering if I could order it directly from You on the Internet. Payment would be made through PayPal, my
    most Trusted and secure payment method.
    I have successfully used their sevices
    many times in the past without complaint.
    Eagerly awaiting Your reply.

    Stanley D. Hickey


    Your Name

    Dont waste your money on Stemtrol it does not work.I use it for tree months and all I got a really bad constipation and terrible stomach aike.And I ask swisse if it is their product they did not reply to my queery


    I spend 20 min on bike in gym 3 times a week – after 1 year I have halved blood pressure meds. Prior to this I was jogging 4 Kms nearly every day . If stem troll was as good as claimed there would be emperical evidence. If it is too good to be true it is too good to be true.

    Edward Henshaw

    Charlatans, through and through; stay away, be warned.