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What You Should Know

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Swiss Sciences is a supplement company selling nutritional supplements aimed at weight loss. The supplements are categorized according to body type with listings for liver body type, ovary body type and thyroid body type, among others. There is no reference on the front page about why the supplements are divided this way or how a consumer is supposed to know which body type they fall into.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss supplements based on body type: Vita Cleanse, LiquiBoost, Revivatox, Liposom, Ultra Maxx, Ultra Cleanse Pro, Maxx Shredder, Nutra Daily Detox, Beri Ultimate.

Product Features

Swiss Sciences markets each of these weight loss supplements with claims they will improve weight loss. What we cannot understand is the fact that so many supplements from the same company make the same claim. If Vita Cleanse, for instance, boosted weight loss then the other eight supplements have no use. On the other side of the coin is money. Many supplement manufacturers produce a long list of supplements from the same core ingredients with one change here or there to accommodate the new name. For instance, a cleansing supplement can add acai and the name can change from Cleanser to Acai Cleanser. This may be the case with Swiss Sciences, but ingredient lists are hard to find so that may be hard to prove.

Liposom, Revivatox, LiquiBoost and Ultra Cleanse Pro are all colon cleansing supplements. A couple have an ingredient list with the most common ingredients, like cascara sagrada and dandelion root, but many of the others have no such list. Consumers should beware that colon cleansers can contain ingredients that interfere with the absorption of prescription medications making it harmful for some to use such products.

Prices for Swiss Sciences supplements are higher than other products on the market. Cleansers are priced in the $50 range in some cases and fat burners around $80 for products with no ingredient lists. Without ingredients and no way to establish whether a supplement is safe, Swiss Sciences is not offering the dieter what they need to place an order. There is also mention on consumer report websites of autoshipping after free trials with information on the cost and details only being available in the terms of service.

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  • Some ingredient lists are available online.
  • Swiss Sciences maintains a full website and websites for supplements.


  • Ingredients are not listed for every product.
  • Most supplements in the weight loss category are cleansers – not fat burners.
  • Fat burners from Swiss Sciences often contain cleansing ingredients.


The first red flag for Swiss Sciences was the number of weight loss supplements. The next was the inclusion of cleansing ingredients in weight loss products. We suggest staying away from many of these supplements.

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