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Symlin is specially designed for those who are diabetic. It is an injectable form of Amylin which is used to improve post meal glucose levels. While helping to control your blood sugar level, it can make you feel full sooner, meaning that you may eat less and as a consequence lose weight. Symlin has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, and should be used only under the guidance of a physician or a nurse specialized in treating diabetes.


Symlin is an injectable form of Amylin.

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If you are diabetic and are thinking of using Symlin then you may want to have a look at the official website. The website is clearly written and is easy to navigate. It explains how to use Symlin. Symlin comes in the form of an injection in a prefilled Symlin Pen. It should be used before a major meal and is injected into either the thigh or the stomach area. Symlin is not a replacement for insulin but is a product designed to work hand in hand with meal time insulin to help smooth out the peaks in blood sugar levels. Of course you should only start to use Symlin under the strict guidance of a physician or a health care professional with experience treating diabetes. When using Symlin your progress should be closely monitored. Of course everyone’s diabetes is different and particular to themselves. According to a person using Symlin, one of the results may be that their peaks in blood sugar level are better controlled over time, which means that they may feel full quicker and hence eat less, which in turn means they may lose weight.

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  • There is an official website for Symlin which is easy to understand and to navigate.
  • There is a helpline that people can call if they are having problems obtaining a prescription for the use of Symlin.
  • If you are diabetic, Symlin may help to control your blood sugar level peaks.


  • In the first few weeks of using Symlin you may experience nausea.
  • Symlin is of course only suitable for those who are diabetic.
  • Symlin has not been on the market long enough for a controlled analysis to be made of this product.
  • Symlin is not suitable for all people who are suffering from diabetes.


At the end of the day Symlin is not designed as a primary weight loss product. Weight loss may be one of the effects and benefits if you are overweight, and Symlin is successful in conjunction with your insulin intake in better controlling your blood sugar peaks. The only person who is qualified to advise you on whether insulin is the appropriate product for you if you are diabetic is your physician.

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6 User Reviews about Symlin

  • 1
    mary young

    im now taking synlin inen find it helpful,but am not going to be able to afford it any longer is there any help available


  • 2
    Vince Foster

    I have been using the SymlinPen for about 30 days for diet purposes only (off label) and I lost 18 pounds so far and I haven’t been killing myself on a diet. It is great! The side effects went away after a week.


  • 3

    I just started this as my sugar levels while taking alow acting insulin were up too high and i was so sleepy all the time (numbers in 200 to 300)
    Been on it only 4 days and it is not causing me any issues no nausea so far nothing bad. I do seem to have a bit mroe energy anyone had this? I feel GOOD even with my numbers up a bit i still feel good I do need to rework my diet and get back on top carb counting and get this under control I Need to lose some weight and i hope this helps IF i can get insuranc to cover so far doc is giving sampls to me which i am grateful for I will Fight to get it covered if it starts working really well
    I started on 60 my A1c was 10 so will go back in a few weeks will update when i do


  • 4
    corinne cowan

    what are side effects?


  • 5
    saron lee

    What is the side-effects in taking this drug.



    I have been on Symlin for awhile then went off. Now I am back on. The only side effect I had was a slight nausea about 15 min. after injection. Otherwise helped with my A1C. I would recommend this if you can handle injections.