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Syn-30 by Serious Nutrition Solutions is a single ingredient fat loss supplement that claims to provide increased energy and weight loss without the crash associated with many other stimulants. The single ingredient in this formula is quite interesting because it is one of those ingredients that we warn dieters about in supplements with many ingredients so we would NEVER suggest a dieter take the ingredient as a standalone supplement. Let’s look at Syn-30 more closely.

List of Ingredients


  • Synephrine HCL – 30mg

Product Features

Synephrine – the ingredient that many supplements companies chose to replace ephedra when the FDA banned the ingredient is not as safe as the companies want dieters to think. Synephrine, also known as citrus aurantium and bitter orange, causes some of the same side effects ephedra, but it does not have the stellar clinical history that ephedra has. Ephedra was proven to increase metabolism and decrease hunger. When the ingredient was paired with caffeine, the effect lasted longer. Synephrine is in the same family, but you can’t pair it with caffeine to increase longevity of the effect. Clinical trials do not exist to support the ingredient and there is mention that the FDA is watching synephrine to possibly pull it from the market due to negative side effects.

Synephrine has been associated with increased heart rate and hypertension or high blood pressure. Dieters currently under a doctor’s care for health problems in these or any other areas should be extremely wary of taking a product containing synephrine. Synephrine may cause additional side effects if you are currently taking medication.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Will likely increase heart rate, which could increase calorie burn.
  • Used in a multitude of supplements.


  • May be associated with negative side effects.
  • Not safe for dieters with heart or other health problems.


Syn-30 is a stimulant and nothing more. The supplement will increase heart rate and blood pressure while offering no proven weight loss effects. Many companies like to sell this ingredient as a viable alternative to ephedra, but it does not have the same effect or the same track record as ephedra unless you are talking about side effects and the two are quite the same on that plane.

Dieters looking for a safe and effective weight loss supplement should choose one that has clinical support like green tea or caffeine. Caffeine can also cause negative side effects, but it is much safer than other stimulants like ephedra and synephrine.

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