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SNS Syn-30 is a synephrine supplement claiming to increase energy without the after crash often associated with natural and herbal stimulants. Synephrine is closely related to Ephedra and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States continues to watch for health-related cases associated with synephrine based supplements. Though related, synephrine is not as potent as Ephedra. Neither synephrine nor SNS Syn-30 have been proven to increase fat burn or weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Synephrine HCL – 30 mg.

Product Features

Synephrine, the only ingredient in SNS Syn-30, is also known by a long list of names, including, citrus aurantium, bitter orange, sour orange and zhi shi. No matter what name is listed on the ingredient list, the same effect is desired – stimulation.

Synephrine is associated with many weight loss claims. One label may claim increased fat burn and another increased energy. Due to the fact that synephrine is so closely associated with Ephedra or ephedrine, researchers have studied the ingredient for potential side effects. One study, completed by the Mayo Clinic, suggested that diet pills containing synephrine may cause an increased risk of stroke, increased blood pressure and heart attack.

Common doses of synephrine range from 15 mg to 150 mg. Higher doses are often used to control asthma symptoms because synephrine is a vasodilator. This effect will not help dieters lose more weight, but it could boost energy a bit.

Due to the list of potential side effects associated with the SNS Syn-30 main ingredient, w are confused why synephrine is the best choice for an energy supplement. Caffeine will boost energy and is proven to increase fat burn, so it would seem to be a better choice.

SNS Syn-30 sells for $16.75 per bottle. This is relatively inexpensive for a fat burner, but this is marketed as an energy supplement which makes it more expensive than comparable supplements.

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  • Synephrine may increase energy.


  • Potential negative side effects outweigh potential benefits.
  • The price is higher than comparable energy supplements.


We are not fond of synephrine when it is used with fat burners, let alone as a standalone supplement. When the FDA looks into an ingredient for potential side effects, there are likely problems associated with the ingredient that dieters should know. Warnings on the supplement label list several health conditions that could be affected by using the SNS Syn-30 supplement which is another reason to skip this supplement.

We suggest using an energy booster with weight loss benefits. These supplements often include proven ingredients like green tea and caffeine. Including an appetite suppressant is also important as stimulants can increase metabolism and hunger. Our appetite suppressant of choice is chromium because it is proven and considered safe for dieters.

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    Synephrine is a vasoconstrictor via alpha adrenergic receptors, not a vasodilator.