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Sync Fitness is personal training studio run by personal trainer Sara Dean. The goal of Sync Fitness is to provide an environment where individuals improve overall health and wellbeing. The programs available from Sync Fitness include personal training sessions and boot camp fitness classes. The classes are available daily from 6am to 7am, including weekends. Personal training sessions are scheduled by appointments. Sync Fitness features testimonials from current clients, but is this the miracle fitness club in Seattle? We will take a closer look to finds out.

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  • Personal training studio located in Seattle, Washington.

Product Features

Sync Fitness is a personal training studio featuring boot camp fitness classes. The company is run by the only certified personal trainer, who subsequently teaches the classes. The classes available include boot camp classes and a New Year challenge group. The boot camp classes cost $25 for individual classes, $200 for three classes and $250 for unlimited classes.

When dieters sign up for services, they are expected to complete a questionnaire relating to fitness level and their individual commitment t the fitness program. We feel this will keep individuals honest, but does not allow for flexibility similar to a traditional fitness club.

We noticed several instances where Sync Fitness makes claims not associated by clinical research or scientific proof. The company claims individuals will lose in excess of 24 pounds in 8-weeks as well as improve overall health and wellbeing. A company should not make claims with no guarantees.

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  • Sync Fitness offers boot camp style fitness classes.
  • Sync Fitness provides certified personal trainers.


  • The fitness programs are expensive.
  • There is only one group class.
  • The price of personal training is not available on the website.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The claims associated with the program are potentially unrealistic.
  • The fitness classes are only available in the early morning.


The concept of Sync Fitness is a bit confusing. The premise of the company is to provide personal training sessions and boot camp classes. Sync Fitness is not a traditional fitness club. There are no fitness machines, only one group class. The pricing is expensive compared to traditional fitness classes. Three boot camp sessions cost in excess of $200. For this amount of money, a dieter could join a traditional fitness club, utilize a wide variety of machines and engage in more services.

We like the fitness plan devised by Sync Fitness. The plan incorporates diet and exercise in conjunction with a wellness plan. The concern we noticed was the exercise portion. Individuals committed to the program are expected to visit Sync Fitness at 6am three to five times per week. This is a big commitment for no guarantee of weight loss.

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