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Synephrine is an ingredient in some diet supplements. It is a stimulant that is quite similar to ephedrine and caffeine since it provides an energy boost while increasing metabolism and suppressing the appetite. Synephrine is generally considered a safer alternative to Ma Huang and ephedrine. It is advertised to stimulate the metabolism of fat cells without all the side effects of other stimulants such as higher blood pressure and the jitters.

Synephrine comes from the bitter orange and works on the adrenal glands to increase metabolic rate. Bitter orange can also be known by Zhi Shi, green orange, and sour orange in countries other than the United States. Unlike ephedrine or Ma Huang, Synephrine causes the breakdown of fat without affecting blood pressure or heart rate. It is usually used in products that maintain ephedrine free labeling. The top selling products that contain Synephrine are: Nutrex Lipo 6, SAN Tight, Universal Animal M-Stak, BSN Thermonex EF and German American technologies JetFuel.

List of Ingredients

Synephrine is actually citrus Aurantium which is extracted from bitter orange.

Product Features

Synephrine is a stimulant that is an ingredient in many fat burning products. It is used in place of ephedrine or Ma Huang and said to be safer since it does not raise blood pressure or heart rate. The results achieved with Synephrine are said to be slightly lower than the older diet aids containing ephedrine.

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  • Synephrine is said to offer exceptional fat burning while being safer than ephedrine or Ma Huang.
  • Synephrine is a natural citrus acid found in bitter oranges.
  • Unlike ephedrine or Ma Huang, Synephrine does not artificially raise blood pressure or heart rate which makes it safer in terms of cardiovascular health concerns.


  • Synephrine is a stimulant that work on the adrenal gland.
  • Synephrine is not a diet supplement or stand alone plan; it is an ingredient in other diet products.
  • Since a recent bill has been passed in California, high school students in that state have been banned from using products that contain any amount of Synephrine.
  • One of the warnings is that this substance can contribute to ischemic strokes and heart problems.


Synephrine is a stimulant used in place of ephedrine or Ma Huang in diet aids. It is advertised as a safe alternative to other, more dangerous fat burners and is in many products that say ephedrine free. While it is used in place of ephedrine its results are somewhat less dramatic, but then so are the side effects. Many people like the idea that it is a naturally occurring citrus acid that is found in the bitter orange fruit and rind.

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