Synergetics Your Whole Life Fitness Plan Review

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There are two distinct groups of dieters: those that will do anything to fit into last year’s swimsuit and those that are trying to affect a difference in their health and lifestyle. The lifestyle group usually searches for comprehensive diet and health plans to aid in the overall improvement of their health. The book Synergetics: Your Whole Life Fitness Plan is marketed as the whole package for overall health and weight loss.

Synergetics: Your Whole Life Fitness Plan is a fitness book that was originally published in the early nineties. The book is touted as an exercise guide that promotes an inner wellness in addition to weight loss and muscle toning. The basic program is a variety of routines such as tai chi and yoga among others. The program is actually a series of 12-minute daily routines. These routines are said to promote balance and flexibility as well as lower stress levels. There were no indicators as to whether or not the book actually covered other health and fitness issues such as supplementation or nutrition.

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The whole program is explained in the book. This book is actually more geared towards a specific group of dieters that are looking more for an “inner peace” exercise program and not necessarily a fitness plan per se. Dieters are left to fend for themselves so to speak when it comes to learning about food choices and other lifestyle changes that are necessary for long term weight loss and achieving ones fitness goals.

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  • The book is still in print after nearly 20 years.
  • Consumers may purchase the book at several online book sellers.
  • This program is flexible and can be fit into most any lifestyle.
  • The routines are a mere 12 minutes long which even the busiest dieters can fit into their schedule.


  • This program does not include any type of long term lifestyle changes when it comes to nutrition.
  • There are no supplements or other aids.
  • Since this is a book that was published so long ago; there is no follow up care or customer service representatives to ask questions of.


Synergetics: Your Whole Life Fitness Plan is not a complete plan for overall health and well being as the publisher and author suggest. While there are forms of low aerobic or stretching exercises such as yoga and tai chi as well as something the publisher calls rhythmic resistance training explained in the book, there are no straightforward instructions for switching to healthier eating habits or other long term health and fitness objectives. It almost seems that the main thrust of the book is for inner peace and health in the hopes that it will influence positive change in other areas as well.

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