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Synergy Worldwide is a company that sells all natural health products and supplements. The company’s website explains in great detail the history of the company as well as gives ample information on becoming an independent distributor and running a home based business. Products can be purchase either through independent distributors as well as through the website which also includes product information. The products cover a whole host of health related concerns and do not focus solely on weight loss or fitness.

Dan Higginson started Synergy Worldwide after a family helped nurse him to health when he became ill on a missionary trip. Mr. Higginson originally started Synergy Worldwide in an effort to assist individuals in their endeavors to achieve overall total health and well being while also helping to support individuals and communities in need. The company was first established in Japan which was followed by offices in Taiwan and finally within the United States. The company now has offices world-wide.

List of Ingredients

The Synergy Worldwide website offers complete product information including ingredients lists on their website.

Product Features

In addition to being a business opportunity for individuals who wish to be independent distributors, Synergy Worldwide sells a line of all natural health and wellness products that cover a host of health related concerns. The company’s website states that all products are all natural and effective.

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  • The website contains product information as well as customer testimonials.
  • The product line includes items for many health and wellness related needs in addition to weight loss and fitness.
  • If a consumer is looking to start a home based business as well as purchase health and beauty aids, Synergy Worldwide offers an independent distributorship for individuals looking to start a home based business.


  • This is a business opportunity wrapped in the packaging of a natural health supplement company.
  • The company spends more time explaining how their particular brand of MLM works and how to become a millionaire by developing a profitable down-line than it does on product information.
  • The customer testimonials on the website are not for consumers of the products, but for successful independent distributors.
  • There is no emphasis on weight loss, dieting or fitness in general.


Synergy Worldwide sells an array of health, wellness and beauty aids that the company claims are all natural and proven effective. While the claims may ring true, any company that is a home based business opportunity as well as supplement manufacturer sets off little warning alarms to many people. Even if the product performs as stated and advertised, many prospective consumers focus on the home business aspect and place less confidence in the product in general. The products are a little expensive, due most likely to the need for independent distributors to make profit as well.

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