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BioRythm is the manufacturer of SynthroLean and they make some observations about finding the right weight loss supplements and aids. One such observation is that dieters shouldn’t have to have the jitters in order to know that a fat burner is doing its job. They go on to state that dieters who are looking for energy supplements should possibly stick with stimulants and supplements that are made for that reason. SynthroLean, they say, is intended for only those dieters who are serious about losing fat.

The makers of SynthroLean claim that they produce a superior product that will increase metabolism, not just give dieters a higher heart rate, the jitters and increased blood pressure. They state that this product works because it increases the metabolism, enhances thyroid functions, increases energy levels and provides improved transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

List of Ingredients

BioRythm, the manufacturer of SynthroLean, includes a list of ingredients and descriptions of each component on their official website. The list almost looks like a listing of active ingredients instead of a complete list. The listed compounds are: B Complex, L Tyrosine, Coleus Forskohlii, 3b Acetoxyandrost 5 Ene 7 17 Dione, Choline, Inositol and Guggulsterones. p>

Product Features

SynthroLean is a fat burner that is taken in pill form. The manufacturer’s website does not give adequate information regarding usage instructions. The 90 capsule bottle does say that it contains 45 servings which would suggest that two capsules should be taken at a time, though it is unclear what times or how many times in a day it should be taken. Many Bodybuilding sites discuss this product and give good reviews on its fat burning properties.

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  • The website does include customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Other websites, mainly bodybuilding sites, give good reviews of this product.
  • The product claims to be able to raise metabolism without causing the jitters or a racing heart rate.


  • The manufacturer’s website does not clarify how the product should be taken.
  • There is no full diet and exercise plan specified with this supplement.


The weight loss market is flooded with diet aids, fat burners and appetite suppressants and SynthroLean makes the claim that they are one of the highest quality fat burners on the market today. The claim is that SynthroLean affects a real boost in metabolism, not just an energy level increase. They also claim that while many products only offer one or two active and effective ingredients and lots of fillers, SynthroLean contains several proven fat burning components and relatively few fillers. In addition to the manufacturers claims, there are other website devoted to bodybuilding and weight loss where discussions were favorable about this product in general and in regards to fat burning specifically.

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