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The Syntrax supplement company produces the bodybuilding supplement SyntraEC. The supplement claims to increase muscle performance while reducing body fat without negative side effects. There is only one ingredient in SyntraEC, but that ingredient is a plant based hormone found in insects. The theory is that insects can carry huge loads much heavier than their body weight and thus should have “strong” muscles. The same hormone could have the same effect on humans, according to SyntraEC.

List of Ingredients

Cyanotis Vaga Root Extract

Product Features

Syntrax created the SyntraEC supplement with one thing in mind – building bigger muscles. Insects have long been studied for their ability to lift many times their body weight. Scientists found the Hydroxyecdysterone hormone and thought that could be the cause for the increased strength. The hormone can also be found in plant supplies, so manufacturers extracted it and created muscle building supplements. There is no proof this ingredient will work to promote muscle growth and the hormone has not been tested for use in humans. Most experts in the bodybuilding community deny any positive claims made by supplements with this ingredient so chances are SyntraEC will not increase muscle mass.

Dieters will not see any effect from taking SyntraEC in terms of weight loss. If there were any muscle growth, muscle weighs more than fat so there could be some weight gain associated with taking the product. The lack of fat burner or appetite suppressant means dieters will not see any increase in metabolism or decrease in hunger when taking this supplement.

Syntrax claims the supplement is safe for men, women and children. Without approval from the Food and Drug Administration or substantial clinical testing, we do not approve of children taking any muscle building or weight loss supplement. The ingredients are typically formulated for use by adults and may not be safe for children.

SyntraEC sells for $44.95 per bottle. One bottle contains 90 capsules with the suggested dosage being one to two capsules per day.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The official website supports online ordering from the manufacturer.


  • There is no proof the sole ingredient increases muscle mass.
  • No fat burners in the supplement.
  • No appetite suppressants in the supplement.
  • Expensive supplement for the lack of peer support.


SyntraEC is based on insect science with no roots in human science. The only ingredient is a hormone that supposedly makes insects far stronger than humans. Without proper testing and evidence that the hormone can be utilized by the human body, there is no real reason to spend the money on SyntraEC. Even if the supplement did work to increase muscle mass, the effect for dieters would not be substantial weight loss or appetite suppression.

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