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Syntrax Beta 3 claims the formula for burning more fat has nothing to do with thermogenic ingredients. Thermogenic is the supplement term for fat burning. Typically, thermogenics are stimulants, but Syntrax Beta 3 swears by just one ingredient that will help increase fat burn beyond that of any thermogenic.

There is an official website for Syntrax and the Beta 3 supplement is listed on the site with a complete ingredient list and label for the dieter to look over.

List of Ingredients

Octopamine HCl / Norsynephrine HCl.

Product Features

No, there are no direct stimulants in Syntrax Beta 3, but tracing Octopamine leads to a very popular weight loss stimulant, synephrine. Tyramine is the source amine for Octopamine. In the body, Octopamine can be converted to synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant, so there is a source ingredient for a thermogenic ingredient included in Syntrax Beta 3 though few dieters would trace the ingredient this far.

Stepping back from Octopamine metabolizing into a stimulant, we find other reasons this ingredient is considered perfect for fat loss in the eyes of the manufacturer. Octopamine does convince cells to release fat, but it does not increase weight loss – why? When the fat is released from the cell, another cell quickly pulls up that fat. If released fat is not used immediately for energy it is simply stored again. Syntrax Beta 3 may help boost fat release but it does not boost fat loss.

A third reaction in the body associated with Octopamine is mood bound. In a clinical setting Octopamine is commonly used as a Sympathomimetic. While that word may be foreign, words like amphetamines, ephedrine and cocaine are very well known. These are also Sympathomimetic. Syntrax Beta 3 has chosen quite the well-rounded ingredient as their non-thermogenic fat burner. When Octopamine is compared to thermogenics, there is quite a difference. Some thermogenics are proven to increase metabolism and fat burn. Octopamine is not proven to do any such thing.

Syntrax Beta 3 sells for $39.95. For an easy comparison, caffeine pills can be purchased for less than $3 a bottle. Caffeine is a proven thermogenic without any Sympathomimetic effects.

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  • The price is lower than most fat burners.


  • Octopamine is not proven to increase fat loss.
  • The dieter will not likely lose more weight on Syntrax Beta 3.
  • No thermogenics are included in the formula.


Dieters deserve to know the whole truth. Syntrax Beta 3 tells a bit of a fib to sell more fat burners. There may be no stimulants or thermogenics in the supplement but the only ingredient, Octopamine, converts to a stimulant in the body. There is also the fact that released fat will not move out of the body for weight loss.

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