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What You Should Know

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Syntrax is a bodybuilding and health supplement company that offers a dual-sided website. One-half the website is dedicated to products like Syntrax R aimed at bodybuilding and increasing muscle mass. Syntrax R is an Alpha-Lipoic Acid supplement that claims to be safe for children and adults. The supplement is supposed to help control fat in the body and help the user achieve a lean physique. We could find no official links to clinical trials to support these claims. No free trials are available for Syntrax R, but customer service contacts are listed so consumers can feel free to contact the company to ask for a free trial.

List of Ingredients

Isolyn (R-Isomer Alpha-Lipoic Acid) and D-Biotin.

Product Features

If the consumer can get around the long list of health benefits associated with Syntrax R, they may be able to learn more about the supplement. Supposedly, Syntrax R will help the user sleep better, fight free radicals, improve memory, improve concentration and fight fat, among MANY other claims.

Alpha-lipoic acid can be found in cells. It helps to convert and supply energy to the cell. This antioxidant is a bit different from other antioxidants because it dissolves in both fat and water. Most dissolve in one or the other. As is the case with all antioxidants, Syntrax R will fight free radical damage in the body. The main ingredient, however, may also help regenerate other antioxidants.

Alpha-Lipoic acid can pass through the brain barrier and is commonly used in the body to protect the brain. This may be why Syntrax R makes so many claims about memory and concentration. We could find no link to better sleep associated with the antioxidant. There were also no associations with fat loss or fat reduction.

Syntrax R sells for $24.95 on the official Syntrax website. We are not sure about giving the supplement to children as they likely receive enough alpha-lipoic acid from other sources that supplementation would be unnecessary.

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  • Ingredients listed on the Syntrax website.
  • Consumers can purchase Syntrax R directly from the manufacturer.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid may help fight free radicals.
  • The antioxidant has been proven effective for the treatment of some diseases.
  • May help prevent brain damage from stroke.


  • No free trial offered by Syntrax.
  • May not be necessary for children.
  • No clinical references are listed by Syntrax.


There is little doubt that the main ingredient in Syntrax R is crucial to supplying energy to cells and maintains good health, but it will not increase weight loss. Dieters looking to reduce fat may find better luck with proven fat burners instead of an antioxidant supplement like Syntrax R. Proven supplements may include ingredients like caffeine and green tea.

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