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The fitness and weight loss market is loaded with exercise devices and workout machines to address different needs and suit different preferences. Every year, several new fitness devices and tools are released. Many of which are available online and in local sporting goods stores or supercenters. “As Seen on TV” is a major supplier of innovative and unique fitness machines and devices. One of these products is T-Core for Men. As you can gather from the name, this is not a fitness tool for women. T-Core for Men targets the core, and may be able to assist with weight loss and muscle conditioning. It is available directly through the main website for $29.95 (plus $7.95 for shipping).


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Product Features

T-Core for Men is described as a “radical” core workout for guys. However, one factor that makes this workout device unique is that it only takes six minutes to complete a workout. There are three movements done with this device, and up to 120 pounds of resistance is provided. You can actually select 40, 80, or 120 pounds of resistance to work your abdominals. This includes your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. Put simply, T-Core for Men aims to target your entire core in order to strengthen your body, and help you burn off calories.

The T-Core for Men device allows you to work out while sitting in a chair or on a bench. It has a base that can be rested on a hard surface or your lap, as well as a double handle for you to grip during workouts. This device offers an alternative exercise to traditional crunches, sit-ups, and other abdominal exercises. With regular use, it is supposed to give you rock-hard abs and a washboard stomach.

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  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered (for 30 days).
  • A workout with T-Core for Men only takes six minutes.
  • You can purchase this fitness tool through the official As Seen on TV website.


  • This workout device is only suitable for men.
  • The T-Core for Men product only works out your core.
  • Since this is more of a strength training device for the abdominals, it will not assist with cardiovascular exercise.
  • No simple and convenient fat burners or appetite suppressants are incorporated for weight loss.


At the end of the day, T-Core for Men is simply an abdominal exercise tool. It probably works in a similar fashion to doing traditional crunches and other ab exercises. Therefore this fitness device may help you build a stronger core and get a flatter stomach. It may also help you burn off some calories. However, T-Core for Men does not appear to be a good fitness tool for shedding unwanted fat and excess pounds. A serious cardiovascular workout would probably prove to be more effective.

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3 User Reviews about T-Core For Men

  • 1
    Robert Thompson

    Liz’ review below is correct. It’s easy to use, but how to replace the bungees. We should have no trouble getting replacement bands, but how to get them installed looks to be a real problem. As the producer can they be replaced? How?


    Your Name

    I. Want to know to


  • 2
    Liz Holyfield

    I really love that it’s a sitting sit up. I got it and used it and saw results right away. Then teh bands broke. I really think the design is great and simple however, the flawed bands break quickly and kill any momentum. Can anyone help me find resistance bands for this equipment??